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Fixed-line broadband vs mobile data? Here’s which one you should go for

There are both pros and cons of both fixed line broadband and cellular data. Here's a comparison.

These days, most operators offer huge amounts of data for a relatively cheap price. Thanks to Jio, the data revolution has started in India. Now you can get as much as 20 GB for just Rs 500 – which was unthinkable just a year ago when for the same amount we were offered 5 GB max!

Anyway, the point of discussion is with such huge amount of mobile data being available, does anyone need a fixed-line broadband connection anymore?

Now think of a scenario: if both husband and wife have Rs 500 plan with 20 GB connection each, that in most cases offer free calling and SMS services, why they need an additional broadband connection? In most cases, people fail to exhaust their data limit. So it’s like throwing away money.

So does that mean, fixed line are no good these days?

Well not really.

Though the mobile data has gone cheap, speed is still an issue especially if you want to download big movies. And if you are a gamer, then using cellular data to download games, like 100 GB odd Halo 5 from Microsoft store, will take ages.

While the average 4G speed in India is less than 10 Mbps, broadband speed is much higher. In fact, the 10 Mbps fixed line broadband will feel much better as there is less lag.

The consistency of fixed-line broadband also makes its much reliable and is hence the preferred choice for some tasks like booking a ticket on IRCTC. If you have ever booked a train ticket you would be aware of how it feels to not being able to book that last berth or getting a waitlisted one just because your internet is slow and worse if money gets deducted and you still didn’t get one.

If you have a desk job where you get to use office WiFi most of the time, then also the mobile data is hardly of any use.

Especially, for prepaid users, the fixed broadband line makes a lot of sense. They can get a data pack while travelling and at other times use the fixed line broadband for most of their calling and data needs.

In a nutshell, if you have huge data need, then fixed line broadband makes a lot of sense. Also for smooth online experience, the fixed line broadband is recommended. However, if you have a travel job like reporting, sales etc, you rather opt for a good postpaid plan.

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