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Five must-have free Android apps

A collection of free Android apps that keep your smartphone fast and efficient.

One big reason for the popularity of Google’s OS is the fact that it is an open source platform with which developers can experiment free of cost. Primarily due to this reason, Android’s store is among the biggest and is growing by the minute.

Here we have chosen five free applications from the Android library which will help run your phone smoothly.

Antivirus Free

In the world of growing threats even Android is not invincible. makers have been able to develop viruses and worms for Android, and they are spreading like wildfire.

Antivirus Free is a virus cleaning utility for Android OS. This program scans files and applications for malicious activity and helps remove infections from the device. It also monitors application installations and cross-checks apps with its online database of malicious software to avoid.

SMS backup and restore

Even though Android smartphones can store an unlimited number of text messages, after a certain point having many SMSs stored on your smartphone tends to choke it and makes it slower.

SMS backup and restore utility is a simple solution for related issues. This application allows the user to backup all or selected SMSs and store them on the card. Users who receive a large number of SMSs every day can create a backup schedule so that the software will save a copy of SMSs after pre defined intervals of time.

TasKiller free

Even though Android is a very stable operating system there are times we face a few non responsive applications blocking our phone screens. Though these non-responsive applications usually disappear, sometimes they have to be gotten rid of by browsing the menu at a painfully sluggish speed and finally reaching the kill application tab.

How convenient it would be if this process were to quicken. This is what Taskiller free does. It creates an icon on the home screen which can be accessed with one touch and non-responsive applications can be terminated.


Uninstalling an application from an Android smartphone is a painful task especially when you have a long list of apps installed on your smartphone. Then you have to scroll through a seemingly endless list to arrive at the application you want to delete.

Or you could get Uninstaller, a small and lightweight search utility that allows you to find the apps you want to get rid off and uninstall them.

App 2 SD Free (to move apps to SD)

Many Android users complain about their smartphones slowing down after they install a few apps. Well that’s absolutely correct because by default Android devices install applications on their internal memory, unless specified otherwise.

The App 2 SD application will tell you about moving applications from the phone memory to its SD card/memory card. It displays a list of applications installed on your phone’s memory which can be moved to the to speed up the phone.

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