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Farmville Game on Facebook to shut down on 31st December

The Farmville game on Facebook by Zynga will be shut down on 31st December because the game requires Adobe Flash Player to run and the same is being abandoned soon in all the browsers.

With Facebook, not only social media came to life, but the platform also provided games to the users for entertainment. One such game is Farmville, which was released back in 2009, and is now seeing the end of light.

Farmville, the game that was launched by Zynga, will stop working after 31st December 2020. The move comes as a result of the abandonment of Adobe Flash Player on all the browsers and the game requires the same to function properly.

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The game was a big hit on Facebook as the game successfully blended the gameplay with your friends because to level up, you would need help from your friends to make them send you some gifts or other in-game items.

“We’re aware that many of you have been with us since the very beginning, helping to build an incredible global community of players over the years who’ve enjoyed this game just as much as we have. For that we say thank you.

Things to keep in Mind aboutFarmville

In advance of sunsetting the game, we would like to point out that in-app purchases inFarmville will be available up until November 17, at which point the game’s payment system will be completely turned off. Thereafter the game will not be accepting any in-app payments and any refunds will not be processed during this time. FarmVille will, however, continue to be playable until December 31st, 2020, at which point it will be shut down completely”, Zynga said in the statement announcing the shutdown of the game.

Zynga has also said that it will be announcing other fun in-game activities soon for its users so they can enjoy the game while it lasts.

You can play Farmville on Mobile as ‘Farmville 2: Tropical Escape’ is available on both and Android. Farmville 3 is also rumored to be in works and should be launching soon on both the platforms.

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