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BoAt Smart Ring features detailed: A replacement for Smartwatches?

BoAt has detailed the features of its upcoming smart ring and here’s what all the wearable from the homegrown brand can do.

BoAt and Noise are in the race to launch their own Smart rings and the former has now listed the product on its website that gives us all the details regarding what the smart ring is going to offer. The ring will be paired with the BoAt Ring on your smartphone, where you’ll be able to view all your health metrics and other data. However, is it a perfect smartwatch replacement or a fitness replacement? Let’s try to find out.

BoAt Smart Ring: Features

The BoAt Smart Ring has the ability to measure skin temperature, heart rate, and SpO2 levels thanks to the inside the ring. Users will also be able to track their sleep and menstrual cycles. The ring is equipped with six-axis motion sensors that enable the ring to measure body position and movements.

Then, there’s an SOS mode for emergencies. The ring is designed to be water resistant up to 5 ATM and is claimed to deliver up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge.

The ring further has smart touch controls with swipe gestures, using which the wearer can play and pause music, change tracks, click photos, and also navigate applications. The smart ring’s visuals on the landing page suggest it will support swipe/ gesture controls.

Lastly, the ring can be paired with the BoAt Smart ring app on a connected smartphone, showing you your measured data and other health metrics. It can track a range of workouts including riding, indoor and outdoor tracking for running and walking.

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BoAt Smart Ring: A suitable replacement for smartwatches?

BoAt also makes smartwatches with similar features such as workout tracking, health tracking and more. However, whether these smart rings can be a replacement for smartwatches depends on your usage scenario. Smart rings are more discreet and comfortable to wear for longer periods than watches.

However, watches are more suitable for those who want accessories that match their outfit as they symbolise fashion statement. While we cannot comment on the accuracy of the measured data as of now because we haven’t tested the smart ring, we can say that a smartwatch can track more number of sports modes than a ring.

As for durability, Smart rings and smartwatches do not differ much in terms of it. It depends on the quality of the materials and the manufacturer’s standards. However, watches are more prone to damage due to their location on your wrist and more surface area which naturally makes it more susceptible to damage.

Apart from that, if you are someone who likes to have more features, then Smartwatches have more of them than smart rings, given their form factor. They have more sensors, such as GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and ECG, that can track more activities and health indicators. They also have voice assistants, music streaming, app integration, and camera functions that can enhance the user experience. Most importantly, you can check your notifications directly from your wrist and reply to them or even accept calls on the watch, which of course, a smart ring lacks.

Whether smart rings can replace smartwatches depends on the user’s personal preference and lifestyle. If one values convenience, discretion, and comfort over versatility, functionality, display, and interaction, then smart rings can prove to be a better choice than smartwatches. However, if the user wants a more all-rounded wearable experience with more features and options than smart rings can provide, then smartwatches may be the way to go over smart rings.

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