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Things to know before buying a Smart Ring

Smart Ring category is picking up pace and if you are considering buying one, here are the things you should know before making a purchase.

Smart wearables are in trend nowadays and brands including BoAt and Noise have now forayed into another product space, namely Smart Rings. These rings differ from regular ring and have smart capabilities such as tracking your sleep, heart rate, other movements and more. A ring is definitely less intrusive than a smartwatch while sleeping and doing other tasks. So, if you are considering purchasing a smart ring, here are some things you should know.


Rings need to be the same size as your finger to fit you well. If too loose, a Smart ring would fall out of your finger, and a ring too tight would be uncomfortable to wear. The ring should be of perfect size so it’s neither too loose nor too tight. Moreover, the size and fit of the ring will also affect the accuracy of various health metric measurements because the results may come out to be inaccurate if the smart ring doesn’t fit you as it should.

In Noise’s case, the company says that once you place your order for its Luna Ring, a sizing kit will be dispatched to you. Basis this sizing kit, you can select your perfect fit.

Build Quality

The smart ring you wear will be exposed to many surfaces as you get through your day, and it needs a robust build quality to withstand such environments. A delicate ring would break easily after the lightest of impacts. The inner material should also be skin-friendly so it doesn’t cause you any irritation or allergies. While modern-looking and strong, it should also be lightweight so it rests naturally on your finger and makes you feel like you are wearing nothing.

Water resistance

While this point could have been included under build quality, we feel it should be highlighted separately because it is one of the most important features a smart ring should have. The smart ring should definitely be water resistant, considering you would wash your hands wearing it multiple times a day. It should be able to withstand splashes without any issues so you do not have to remove it every time you wash your hands.

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Battery Life

The battery life of the smart ring should be long lasting as charging it in a day or two would become a hassle. It should cruise through an entire week at the least so you don’t have to remember charging it every day. Battery life is one of the vital features of a smart ring and the backup should be enough to appeal to the consumer.

Accuracy & Insights

You are buying a smart ring for insights into your health, and the ring should accurately measure these metrics. The algorithms should be smart enough to determine your health metrics without any delays or other issues. One can also consider the brand’s reputation in other similarly product categories such as BoAt and Noise’ case. You can see the customer reviews for its smartwatches to check whether their devices are accurately measuring the health metrics. It should give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into.

Apart from this, a Smart Ring should be able to measure as many health metrics as possible. Noise’ Luna Ring can measure 70+ health metrics, which is ideal. Some vital metrics it should necessarily measure include heart rate, sleep patterns, movements, menstrual cycle tracking for females and more. The insights should be detailed and meaningful so you can make out what changes are required in your lifestyle and what needs to be corrected.

App support

Last but not least, the compatibility and support should be widely available. A Smart Ring doesn’t have a display that can show you the results of its measurements, so everything relies on the app. The app should be compatible with the OS, such as and iOS, which your smartphone is running on and to which the ring will be paired to. The app should also be user-friendly so a new consumer can easily get the hang of it. Apart from this, the ring should also process the measured data inside the app in a secure manner and necessary security parameters should be in place.

So, these are the top things you should keep in mind before purchasing a smart ring. Such products are definitely useful if you want to get an insight into your body’s functioning and correct your habits.

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