BlackBerry Ghost Pro bezel-less phone to launch in India

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : March 26, 2018 11:03 am

The Ghost Pro could launch with no physical keyboard, much like BlackBerry Motion and will run on Android’s latest interface.

Mobile industry pioneer, BlackBerry looks to be set on launching three new phones this year. While the BlackBerry Ghost attracted a lot of attention last month, the newest leak showcases the Ghost Pro in some glory, if not all.


On first glance, the Ghost Pro doesn’t appear to be featuring an 18:9 display like what we saw on the original Ghost device. Also to note is the fact that the new Ghost lineup doesn’t seem to be featuring the traditional physical keyboard which BlackBerry has been popular for.





The Ghost Pro along with the original Blackberry Ghost will be released in India before the rest of the world owing to the fact that both these devices will be made in collaboration with Optiemus, which is a BlackBerry’s licensee. The Ghost Pro also seems feature bottom bezel where the company logo stands unlike what we saw on the Ghost. Moreover, the Ghost Pro looks to be featuring sharp corners I contrast to the curved edges of the original Ghost device.


If made a reality, the Ghost lineup will be the first BlackBerry-branded device to come out of Optiemus Infracom as TCL and BB Merah Putih have both released BlackBerry handsets in the past. With that being said, the BlackBerry Ghost and Ghost Pro will also feature the proprietary security features like any other BlackBerry device. What remains to be seen is how the company will incorporate gesture-enabled navigation like in the older BlackBerry OS firmware.

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