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Apple iOS 18 To Have Only On-Device AI At Launch

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update for its iPhones is expected to bring on-device AI features only, at the time of launch.

Artificial Intelligence is gradually creeping its way into smartphones, and Apple is the latest brand to adopt it with its upcoming iOS 18 update. A new development suggests that Apple will only rely on on-device features rather than using cloud-based ones as Samsung and Google do.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg shared the news, saying, “As the world awaits Apple’s big AI unveiling on June 10, it looks like the initial wave of features will work entirely on-device. That means there’s no cloud processing component to the company’s large language model, the software that powers the new capabilities.”

He also claims that iOS 18 is being considered internally to be the biggest upgrade in the iPhone’s history. The adoption of local on-device AI processing has its potential advantages and drawbacks which Apple may face. While users will enjoy faster responses and improved privacy with data on their devices, but this strategy might limit access to the robust cloud-based resources typically required for advanced AI functions.

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For instance, both Google and Samsung use the Google Gemini Nano model to power a subset of cloud-based AI features. However, Samsung does offer a way to enable only on-device processing if the user wants to, otherwise the content does go to Google’s servers for optimal results.

Apple will most likely adopt this approach to showcase its commitment to privacy and security as usual. It’s possible that may add new features in the future that will also leverage the Google Gemini Nano model, as it was reported recently. The brand is expected to introduce significant changes to Siri with generative AI capabilities that would align it with the competition, such as Google’s Gemini.

In addition, we may also see features like advanced image editing tools in the built-in Photos app, Spotlight search, and more. A list of compatible models that are expected to receive the iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 updates was also leaked online recently.

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