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Airtel 4G Hotspot now comes with new monthly and semi-annual plans

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : March 14, 2019 11:19 am

The company has introduced Rs 399 and Rs 599 plans for its 4G Hotspot users and it has introduced two semi-annual plans as well.


Airtel has introduced new plans for its 4G Hotspot service in India. The company has introduced Rs 399 and Rs 599 plans for its 4G Hotspot users and it has introduced semi-annual plans as well.


To begin with the base Rs 399 plan, Airtel users will get 50GB of data per month. Once the limit is exhausted, one will still be able to access the internet, but at a reduced speed of 80 Kbps. Next in the line is Rs 599 plan, this pack offers 100GB of data per month and once the data is over, users will get 80 Kbps. It is important to note that users need to pay for Airtel 4G Hotspot that comes with a price tag of Rs 999.



The company has also introduced two semi-annual plans with the 4G Hotspot. The first plan comes with a price tag of Rs 2400 and it offers 50GB of data per month, meaning that users will get 300GB for six months. Similarly, there is Rs 3600 plan that offers 100GB of data per month, which translate to 600GB data for six months. In both the plans, the company is offering 80Kbps speed once the FUP limit is over.


Interestingly, the company is offering the 4G Hotspot device for free, meaning that one will not have to pay Rs 999 for it. Secondly, it is also important to note that Airtel is not offering any carry forward data on the above-mentioned plans. This simply means that users need to use the whole data or else it will become ineffective.


Airtel 4G dongle allows users to connect up to 10 devices on-the-go. It enables users to connect multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart devices at the same time and in case the 4G network is missing the dongle latches onto the 3G network.


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