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10 mobile etiquettes you must follow

While mobile phones are a very useful tool of communication, it is increasingly also becoming a conversation breaker with usage in inappropriate place and time.

While mobile phones are a very useful tool of communication, it is increasingly also becoming a conversation breaker with people interrupting their face to face chat with texting or checking their phones continuously, playing music without earphone in public and so many other ill-mannered behaviour. While the phone etiquette is an area of concern world over, we Indians are really bad with our cell phone manners.

So here is a list of 10 most annoying cell phone behaviours. A strange thing here is that most people find it annoying when others do it, but they do the same thing themselves.

1. Listening to loud music

Gone are the days when mobile phones are strictly meant for communication purpose. Today, they also work like a personal music player, gaming pod as well as a video player. But, while using it people often forget about others privacy.

Every cell phone comes bundled with a headset and users are expected to use the headset to listen to music or while playing games in a public place. your choice of music is not the choice of everybody else, so its very annoying.

In fact, in a poll conducted by Nokia, more than 21 per cent people said that playing music in a public place is the most annoying thing they have encountered.

In India, large speakers have become the norm, be it Chinese or Indian made handsets, which includes even some bigger brands. Instead of utilising the benefits of big speakers, people are instead use it to play loud music in public. The problem is so acute that in places like trains and metro, warnings have been put in place urging people not to play loud music.

There are other benefits of using an earphone – you will get better sound quality and you will be able to cut yourself off from the rest of the cacophony of a public place.

2. Talking loudly over the phone

Some people still have a hangover of the old trunk call days when you needed to speak loudly to be heard. With modern technology, even whispering would be heard clearly on the other end, so there is no need to talk loud.

Speakers’ sound quality usually deteriorates when you crank up the volume, and similarly microphones reception also worsens when you shout at it.

According to a recent survey by Nokia, speaking loudly over the phone in public is the second most annoying thing as far as cell phone etiquette is concerned, with 21 per cent people voting for it.

3. Using phone in Cinema and Theatre

People pay money to watch a movie and not our conversation. So please reserve your cell phone conversation till the movie gets over, else walk out of the theatre to talk.

Give yourself some relaxation by switching off you cell phone, you need a break, or at least put you phone in silent, reply to missed calls after movie, it will cost you much less than a ruined movie.

4. Interrupting face to face calls by texting or checking the phone again and again

There is nothing like a face to face conversation, and interrupting that for a text massage, or just constantly checking your phone for new massage or missed call is total waste. The phone will alert you when a call or massage arrives, so you do not need to look at it. Sending a text massage can also wait for few minutes.

You should take care of not letting this habit enter your bedroom or when you are with your partner, as it is one of the common reasons for strife between partners, all though most of the time the actual fight not happen sighting this habit as a reason.

It is, in fact, a habit that is increasingly being recognised as a phobia (a medical condition), and it is best that you curb it in its initial days else you might need to consult a doctor.

5. Taking pictures without permission

Again, this is illegal and an annoyance. You do not have the right to click photographs of others without proper permission. You don’t like it when others do, so don’t do it yourself. Some people even upload such pictures on the social networks, that’s a bigger crime and one for which you are yourself providing the evidence.

6. Loud and annoying ringtones

This is very similar to playing loud music in public. While you may love the ringtones, others might not. Moreover, ringtone is just alert you of an incoming call, so keep it soothing and just loud enough for you to hear.

7. Rules of using cell phones in hospitals

Hospital is a place where most people visit because they are in pain, it is not a fun place. In such a place putting a loud ringtone or having a loud conversation is very annoying. Avoid being seen as a rude person; put your phone on silent or keep you conversation short, and if it is so urgent, talk in low voice or walk out of the main building.

8. Talking and texting while driving

This is illegal and unsafe more than anything else. However, most people think it is alright to talk while stopping at a traffic signal – while that is alright but most people overshoot the conversation and therefore delay the movement of the traffic by being slow in changing gears or spotting the change in the signal. Avoid using cell phones altogether while driving.

9. Crossing the road while talking

You remain distracted while talking, there have been several instances when people cross the road while talking without looking at oncoming traffic causing accidents or near accident situation.

10. Talking on mobile while ordering at stores

Remember that there are people behind in the queue, and the person behind the counter is a human being. By talking on the phone you are delaying the people behind you and annoying the person behind the corner. You can easily postpone you conversation, and if it is about what to order, please do that before you arrive at the counter.

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