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HogYard: How to Win Clan Capital in Just 2 Attacks

Here is the best attack strategy in Clan Capital that can guarantee 3 stars on a district in mere 2 attacks.


  • Clan Capital is the latest inclusion in Clash of Clans
  • HogYard strategy is combining the might of Hog Riders and Graveyard Spells

Once again, the Clash of Clans community is buzzing with excitement as the game introduces its latest addition: Clan Capital. Unlike the Home Village and Builder Base, Clan Capital presents a unique challenge as it cannot be completely destroyed in a single attack. This new feature operates on a different premise, requiring multiple raids to secure a 3-star victory over a district. In fact, some districts, like the formidable Capital Peak, may demand up to four attacks for success.

While many Clashers rely on the popular Inferno Dragon + Raged Balloons combo to raid a district, we are here to introduce an alternative and potent strategy. Prepare to unleash the power of the HogYard technique, capable of guaranteeing 3 stars in just two attacks.

HogYard Attack Strategy

The HogYard strategy, combining the might of Hog Riders and Graveyard Spells, offers a remarkable assurance of achieving 3 stars in just two attacks. However, it is crucial for players to practice this technique extensively in friendly challenge mode before embarking on real raids.

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Troop Combinations:

  • Lightning Spell: 1
  • Graveyard Spells: 3
  • Hog Riders: 13
  • Battle Ram: 9
  • Raged Barbarians: 2

Attack-1: Unleashing HogYard

Graveyard Spell

Clan Capital boasts a plethora of defences that are additional to the home village. These defences are on whole different levels from the other two bases, and so do the troops. Troops here are immensely more effective than even Builder Base. This attack strategy will use troops from Clan Capital to work on prioritized defences. Prioritized are the ones that need to be taken down initially.

In this attack, the key targets include Rocket Artillery, Blast Bow, Multi Cannon, Inferno Towers, and Giant Cannon. Instead of engaging them directly, players can deploy a graveyard spell on each of these defences. This will unleash a swarm of skeletons that will keep the defences occupied.

Next, begin placing Battle Rams randomly around the base. These Battle Rams are crucial, as each one releases four Barbarians upon hitting a wall. With each Barbarian summoning an additional skeleton through the Graveyard Spell, the skeleton army will rapidly multiply.

As the Battle Rams clear the surrounding area, it’s time to unleash the Hog Riders. While the enemy defences are preoccupied with the skeletal onslaught, the Hog Riders can effectively eliminate these defences.

By the end of the first attack, half of the district will be annihilated. The unique feature of Clan Capital allows attackers to resume the second attack with the same spells used in the previous raid. This sets the stage for the real charge in attack-2, as players now possess a total of six Graveyard spells.

Attack-2: Sealing the Victory

Hog Glider

Similar to the previous assault, deploy the Graveyard spells on the prioritized defenses. The second attack will significantly impact the enemy base, thanks to the six Graveyard spells at your disposal.

Once the spells are in place, begin placing Battle Rams randomly across the remaining defences. As the skeletons continue to wreak havoc, release the Hog Riders along one side of the base. With the Rocket Artillery and Blast Bow eliminated, the Hogs and the ever-growing skeleton army will swiftly demolish the remaining defences.

Get ready to conquer Clan Capital and leave your opponents in awe as the power of the HogYard overwhelms their defenses. Prepare, plan, and unleash the hog-driven havoc upon your enemies!

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