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How to Play and Use Umbreon in Pokemon Unite?

Umbreon is a melee-attacking defender Pokemon Unite added to the game. Check out its comprehensive guide.


Umbreon is a melee-attacking defender Pokemon Unite added to the game. Being a dark-type generation II evolved version of Eevee.

Umbreon, a melee-attacking defender, has been recently introduced to Pokemon Unite. This dark-type evolution of Eevee from generation II can be found on Aeos islands and is highly valuable for efficiently farming wild Pokemon. On May 25, 2023, Umbreon joined the Pokemon UNITE roster for Nintendo Switch, Android, and platforms.

Discover everything you need to know about Umbreon to successfully utilize it in battles, enjoy the experience, and advance towards your goal of becoming a Pokemon master.

Pokemon Unite: Umbreon

As you progress towards your goal of becoming a Pokemon master, you can enjoy the thrilling experience of levelling up Eevee to level 4 and evolving it into a medium-sized black Umbreon with a fierce appearance. While Umbreon is primarily a defender, some of its moves can outsmart even the most effective attacker Pokemon.

How to Unlock Umbreon in Pokemon Unite

To unlock Umbreon, you can purchase it from the shop for 574 Aeos gems during the first 7 days of its release. After that, it can be purchased with 12,000 Aeos coins.

Umbreon Abilities and Movesets

  • Fake Tears
  • Anticipation
  • Inner Focus
  • Swift
  • Auto Attack
  • Mean Look
  • Foul Play
  • Wish
  • Snarly
  • Moonlight Prance

Playing as Umbreon, many trainers opt for the popular move Fake Tears, which may not deal excessive damage, but it effectively stuns enemies by lowering their defense by 20% for two seconds while also providing a shield for Umbreon. Additionally, the ability of Anticipation assists in overcoming obstacles, while Inner Focus makes Umbreon unstoppable for 1.2 seconds.

When facing an opponent with a different build and attack style, other abilities become crucial. Although the guide provides insights into the strengths of various Pokemon, it’s recommended that players battle with Umbreon multiple times to fully understand its defensive capabilities and why it’s a fan-favorite.

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