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World of Warcraft to add a new accessibility option in v10.2 update

World of Warcraft v10.2 update is set to go live next month and it is bringing a new accessibility feature with it.

World of Warcraft, the popular multiplayer online role-playing game, is set to receive a major update titled Guardians of the Dream with v10.2, on November 7, 2023. The update will introduce a new zone, a new raid, new faction rewards, and more. But one of the most anticipated features of the update is a new accessibility option that will allow players to customise the background colours for NPC dialogue and quest boxes.

This feature will allow players to customise the appearance of the text boxes that appear when they interact with non-player characters (NPCs) or accept and complete quests. The default text box has a bright parchment colour, which some players may find hard to read or too bright for their eyes.

The new feature will give players the option to choose between three different light colours and a dark colour for the text box background. The light colours are white, beige, and yellow, while the dark colour is black. The text colour will also change accordingly to contrast with the background colour.

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Furthermore, this feature will also help players who have colour vision deficiencies, such as colour blindness, to distinguish between different types of text boxes. The feature will be accessible from the game’s main menu or one can search for it by typing ‘quest’ in the search box, once the update goes live.

The Guardians of the Dream v10.2 update for World of Warcraft will also bring a new zone called the Emerald Dream, a mystical realm where nature is in harmony. The zone will feature a new raid called Amirdrassil, where players will have to stop a corrupted dragon from destroying the new world tree. The update will also introduce new faction rewards from the Dream Wardens, new character customisations for blood elves and druids, new class tier sets with unique bonuses and appearances, a new public event called Superbloom, and more.

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