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Valorant update 7.09 released: Here’s what’s new

Valorant, the popular PC multiplayer shooter game, has released a new update with version 7.09 that brings significant changes to the game. The update, which is available now, introduces a new agent, Iso, as well as balance changes for some existing agents and weapons. The update is part of Episode 7 Act 3, which also features a new rank reset, a fresh Battlepass, and a new Premier Stage.

Iso is the seventh duelist in Valorant, and he hails from China. He has the ability to pull his opponents into an inter-dimensional battlefield where they have to fight him one-on-one. Iso can also use his abilities to create portals, slow down enemies, and hit them with a powerful blast wave. Players can either use 8,000 Kingdom Credits or 1,000 VP to unlock Iso.

The update 7.09 for Valorant also brings fixes for some issues in the balance of power between Sentinels, especially Cypher, and some other agents on the roster. Cypher’s Trapwire has been buffed to concuss enemies faster, re-arm after being triggered or destroyed, and slow down enemies longer. Skye’s Trailblazer and Fade’s Prowler have been adjusted to go under or over Trapwires depending on their height, adding more strategic depth to the placement of Cypher’s traps.

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Raze, on the other hand, has been nerfed slightly. Her Paint Shells and Blast Pack have reduced explosion radius and minimum damage, and they no longer deal extra damage to enemy utility. Her Blast Pack also does not deal damage until fully armed, which also takes longer than before.

The update also makes some weapon changes, such as reducing the Judge’s effectiveness while moving, increasing its spread recovery time, and reducing the maximum magazine size from seven to five bullets. The update also includes player behavior updates, bug fixes, and matchmaking tweaks.

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