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Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC launches today with new mini-bosses, enemies and more

Remnant 2’ first DLC expansion pack, called ‘The Awakened King’, is set to debut today on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and Series S.

Remnant 2, the popular co-op looter shooter sequel from Gunfire Games and Gearbox, is getting its first premium DLC today. The Awakened King DLC, adds a new storyline, a new archetype, new items and weapons, and new bosses, characters and creatures to the game.

The DLC follows the story of the One True King, a legendary figure who has been corrupted by the Root during his near-death slumber. The mad king sees betrayal at every turn and is on a rampage of revenge. His castle has appeared in a Dran coastal town, causing chaos and unleashing horrors from the ocean depths.

Players will have to explore a mysterious new area within the world of Losomn, where they will encounter new dungeons, allies and threats. They will also have to face the One True King himself and try to stop his reign of terror. The DLC also introduces a new archetype, the Ritualist, who specialises in using status effects to punish foes. Additionally, players will be able to equip themselves with new weapons and modifications, as well as new items, such as amulets and rings.

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The Awakened King DLC for Remnant 2 can be accessed in Adventure Mode or through the campaign. This means it will slot seamlessly into the flow of Remnant 2’s gameplay loop. The Awakened King DLC is the first of three planned DLCs for Remnant 2. The other two DLCs are expected to launch sometime in 2024.

Remnant 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S. The Awakened King DLC is will add more content and variety to the game, as well as expand the lore and the world of Remnant 2.

The game is about a survivor who has to stop the Root, a race of evil plant-like creatures that are trying to destroy the multiverse. It takes place several decades after the first game, where the Earth and Ward 13 are recovering from the Root invasion.

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