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Overwatch 2 to get new maps, 3-player co-op mode and much more

Overwatch 2 is slated to a get a slew of new content and improvements over the coming months.

Overwatch 2, the free-to-play, team-based action game from Blizzard Entertainment, is set to introduce a new co-op mode called Hero Mastery: Gauntlet in 2024. The mode will allow players to team up with three other friends and take on a series of challenges that test their skills and coordination with different heroes. Aside from that, a bunch of new content and quality-of-life improvements coming to Overwatch 2 have been announced.

The new 3-player co-op mode in Overwatch 2, named Hero Mastery: Gauntlet, is mainly focused on enemy waves, tower defense, and more similar content. “The goal for the team is to defend the towers from attacking bots,” Overwatch 2 game producer, Monika Lee, explained. “They’ll be exploding bots, flying bots, all sorts of variety there. And it’s really fun juggling the defense of three towers, the different kinds of bots, and different ways to power up”. The mode is coming to the game in 2024.

Further, one of the oldest maps of Overwatch named “Hanamura,” is all set to make its debut as the new “Hanaoka”. It will arrive as the new Clash mode map. Clash mode is another brand new PvP competitive mode set to make its debut in the game.

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Next, players who purchase the premium version of the battle pass will also be able to pick a previously released Mythic skin of their choice. In addition, the developers are introducing a new ranking system to enhance the overall experience for experienced as well as the new players.

A better view of the player’s progress will now be available while players will also go through a soft rank reset at the beginning of every season. A total of 10 matches will have to be played in order to get a rank, while a predicted rank will also be shown with the progress of every match.

Three new heroes including Mauga, Venture, and a hero codenamed Spaceranger were also confirmed to be coming to Overwatch 2. A potential fourth tank hero was accidentally revealed during the presentation, which players are believing will be ‘Sound Quake’.

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