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Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2023: Over 12 New Titles Announced For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2023 saw the launch of over 12 new titles for the Nintendo Switch and here all of them.

Nintendo has revealed a slew of new indie games coming to the Switch in its latest Indie World Showcase 2023 event. The presentation, which lasted about 20 minutes, showcased more than 12 titles from various developers and publishers. One of the new announcements, Howl, was launched during the event.

The first title is “Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution”, a game originally scrapped but brought back to development and now slated for a 2024 release. Next is “Core Keeper”, a top-down sandbox game set in an underground world. The title has been in early access on Steam since March of 2022 and is now finally ready for a full release in 2024, including online multiplayer for up to eight players.

Next up is “Howl”, a turn-based tactical folktale developed by Mipumi Games and published by Astragon Entertainment. The game was shadow-dropped, meaning it was launched during the presentation itself. Further, “On Your Tail” is a new sleuthing game set in the seaside town of Borgo Marina, including anthropomorphic animals who are enjoying holidays by the sea. On Your Tail is a timed console exclusive coming to Switch in 2024.

”The Star Named EOS” is an upcoming first-person narrative puzzle adventure game developed by Silver Lining Studio and published by PLAYISM. The game revolves around photography and the ways we can capture the fleeting moments that shape our lives. The game is set to release in the Spring of 2024.

Backpack Hero is another new title that has been launched already for Switch. The game is about collecting items, organizing a bag, and using your organisational skills to defeat your enemies more effectively. It was previously released in early access on Steam in 2022.

In “A Highland Song”, players explore the Scottish highlands. It is a narrative adventure title where your choices shape the story. Some more titles announced during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2023 presentation include:

  • Moonstone Island – Spring 2024
  • Death Trick: Double Blind – 2024
  • Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition – December 7, 2023
  • Enjoy the Diner – November 15, 2023
  • Heavenly Bodies – February 2024
  • The Gecko Gods – Spring 2024
  • Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist – November 15, 2023
  • Urban Myth Dissolution Center – 2024
  • Braid: Anniversary Edition – April 30, 2024

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