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New Pokemon GO Features Make Healing and Raiding Easier

Pokemon GO has been updated by developer Niantic with a couple of new features that make solo raiding and reviving Pokemons easier.

Pokemon GO, the popular augmented reality game that lets players catch and battle virtual creatures in the real world, has recently added two new features that make it easier to manage their Pokemon. The update, which was rolled out globally, introduces the “Revive All” and “Heal All” buttons in Pokemon GO.

The new buttons allow players to quickly revive and heal their entire lineup of Pokemons with just one tap. These new features in Pokemon GO are especially useful for players who participate in a lot of raids and battles, which can leave their Pokemon injured or fainted. Before the update, players had to individually select each Pokemon and use a revive or a potion to restore their health, which was time-consuming and tedious.

Now, players can simply tap the “Revive All” or “Heal All” button and use the required amount of items, which in turn will refill their Pokemon’s damaged health back to full. In addition, as spotted by LeekDuck, a known Pokemon GO community member, the update also improves the experience for solo raiders, who often have to wait for the full countdown timer before they can start a raid. Now, after 30 seconds of waiting in the lobby, solo players can tap on the “Ready to Raid” button to skip the timer and begin the raid immediately.

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The ‘Ready to Raid’ feature was previously available only for groups of players who were all ready to raid. These quality-of-life features have been amongst the highly requested ones by the Pokemon GO community. The update also coincides with the upcoming Lunar New Year event in Pokemon GO, which features increased spawns of red Pokemon, special research tasks, and exclusive rewards.

Pokemon GO is available for free on and devices, and has been downloaded over a billion times since its launch in 2016. 

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