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Coral Island gets a release date for PS5 and Xbox consoles

Coral Island, the reimagined farm sim game is all set to debut on PS5 and Xbox Consoles this November, after being a year in early access.

Coral Island, the popular farm game that has been in Early Access on Steam since October 2022, is finally coming to PS5 and Xbox consoles on November 14, 2023. The game’s developer, Stairway Games, and publisher, Humble Games, announced the news on their official websites.

Coral Island is a vibrant reimagining of farm sim games, inspired by the classics. Players can create their own idyllic farm, nurture animals, build relationships with a diverse cast of townsfolk, and dive into the coral reefs to restore the island’s ecosystem. The game features a rich and teeming tropical island with a bunch of islanders to interact with, singles to romance, 8 festivals to enjoy, and a variety of activities to explore.

The PS5 and Xbox versions of Coral Island will include all the content and features from the Steam version, as well as some console-specific enhancements such as improved performance, higher resolution, and controller support. There will be in-depth interactions with NPCs, including heart events and dynamic dialogue.

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Further, the game has also been loaded with the marriage feature and the ability to start a family. There’ll be over 200 décor and clothing options each, so users get a variety of choice. Players will also have a chance to acquire a mythical pet, access to all diving depths, mini games and a lot more.

Further, the developers noted that when you move on to v1.0, you will retain all of the gold you earned during Early Access, which will carry over into the new “New Game Plus” mode p. Any cosmetic charity DLC packs you purchased will be able to be reclaimed in Version 1.0, too. Once v1.0 arrives, save games will be compatible with all future updates going forward.

The suggested retail price of Coral Island will increase to $29.99 USD (approx Rs 2,500) upon the release of v1.0 to reflect the wide variety of content the game will offer. Aside from this, plans for 2024 were also revealed including a Nintendo Switch launch, addition of tourist system, merfolk storyline, more story content, full featured multiplayer and much more.

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