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Apex Legends Season 19: What to look forward to?

Apex Legends Season 19 is right around the corner and Respawn Entertainment has detailed some of the changes coming in the update.

Apex Legends Season 19 is approaching, and fans of the popular battle royale game are curious about the new content and features that will be added. Respawn Entertainment has been hinting at some of the changes and enhancements that will be introduced in the upcoming season. Here is a list of the most notable ones to look forward to.

In the upcoming season 19 of Apex Legends, a new character called Conduit will make a debut. Conduit is a hacker who has the ability to manipulate electricity and hack devices to gain an advantage in combat. Additionally, the developers have confirmed that the new season will include new weapons and balance changes to the game.

As per Respawn Entertainment it has implemented changes in the game based on the feedback it received from players in Season 18. Its stats suggest that players are struggling to reach their ‘true’ ranking at a reasonable pace with the peak of the distribution in Bronze instead of being in the middle of Silver. It states three key areas where season 19 of Apex Legends will improve, including Provisionals, Rating Bonus, and Bonus Withholding.

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Aside from this, there will be fewer Ladder Point drops once provisional games end, with more bonuses and no premade rank restrictions. “We also plan to reduce the bonus that is withheld when players are actively pushing against their skill ceiling. This is intended to combat the current season’s (Resurrection) settings of withholding bonuses and increasing matchmaking difficulty. As withheld bonuses are eased, some players will begin to see slightly more bonuses following Season 19’s launch”, said the developers on Reddit.

Further, it will remove the ranking difference restrictions for 3 stack premade. Players can now play with friends no matter where they are on their ladder. However, it will come at the cost of facing more difficult battles if there’s a bigger discrepancy between your skills.

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