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Top 5 must have apps for tablets

Make the best of your Android tablet by downloading these top useful apps for large screens.

Google has now optimized the Google Play Store for Android tablets. The large screen can be put to more meaningful use with some really interesting apps meant for the tablet form.

Google Play Store

Most apps are launched with the mobile first motto and very few actually get optimized for tablets. Here are some must have applications if you happen to own an Android tablet.

Google Chrome/Opera

Google Play Store

Though most tablets come with a native Android mobile browser pre-loaded, we recommend you try out a web browser optimized to work with a tablet. Google Chrome and Opera browser are two of the best web browsers we recommend for Android tablets. Google Chrome offers the option of syncing search history and other Google product content between the tablet and other platforms – desktop/mobile. Chrome offers a private browsing mode for users to enjoy web browsing without leaving any traces. Opera browser offers the Off-road feature that basically conserves mobile data usage when travelling. Both have their own set of pros and cons. Get Chrome from the Google Play Store and the Opera browser for Android as well.



Get all your digital files and multimedia content from your PC or phone to your tablet with the Dropbox app. With support for multiple platforms, this app is very useful for those who tend to use more than one platform for media consumption. Users can even save their contacts, synchronize pictures and videos, and share data-anything-with this app, except for calling, of course. Upload and save a file in the Dropbox folder from your tablet, desktop or phone and it is automatically replicated in the Dropbox account to be available on other connected devices. The cloud-based account allows users to recover deleted files as well. The Dropbox service offers 2 GB storage under the free account option and users can always purchase more storage as per their requirement. Users can earn more storage by referring others. Download Dropbox app from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store


Editing images should be a breeze on an Android tablet. Snapseed should be your first choice since it offers very easy to use tools for tweaking photos. Some basic tweaking features such as Auto Correct (to fix the colour and exposure to perfection have been integrated in this app). Alternatively, users can select specific areas on the photo and make enhancements on them. A separate suite of Creative Enhancements rests in the app to add more filters and visual effects for making the photo look different. You can adjust the focus, add frames, vintage effect and more using Snapseed. Get the Snapseed app from Google Play Store.

Google Play Store



Consuming multimedia content on a large display certainly is bliss. Try the fancy and visually appealing app Flipboard, which tailors web content and presents it in a readable magazine style layout. It pulls web content to present the most popular news on top. This content aggregation service app offers a brilliant user interface wherein one simply has to flip through the content pages-almost like flipping through a magazine, except that the app can only be flipped vertically. Reading news and blogs becomes more visually appealing and the content is easily readable. More content can be explored within the categories of interest. One can always save the articles to his/her own magazine. With social sharing supported, Flipboard is one of the best looking content reader apps available for free from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store


No tablet is complete without an Evernote app that basically helps you organize your digital and physical life in several ways. Users can save their grocery lists, important business notes, to-do lists and task lists in one organized way using folders and notebooks. Tags can be added to these notebooks to make them easily searchable. Users can copy or take clips from web browsers and save them in Evernote. Business cards. Even bills can be clicked using the camera and are stored in the app. Optical Character Recognition will make the content on those images searchable. Not only that, users can always share their notes over social networks or via email. Get the handy Evernote app on your Android tablet from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

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