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Top 5 must have apps for Android tablets

Got the big screen advantage? Get these apps to enjoy its full glory.

Android tablets are fast replacing personal and mobile computers or notebooks as they offer similar functionality and a much more portable form factor. But that’s not the only reason for its popularity; these tablets definitely get the big screen advantage over smartphones and are preferred for multimedia gaming and creativity-based applications as well.

Today tablets are competing shoulder to shoulder with smartphones. Here we have picked five applications that can be beneficial for a tablet user although they are not limited to tablets. Read on about the top 5 applications for your Android tablet.

Grand Theft Auto III (Rs 270)

Big screens need bigger and better games, and what can be better than good old Grand Theft Auto. No one can ever get enough of Grand Theft Auto because of its open world game play where the player can spend hours exploring a city and messing around. Being the player you can behave like a regular citizen or if need be bash up a few on lookers, fight the law and even steal any number of cars. The City works just like any other city with its own law and order system and a peaceful life.
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The game involves finishing missions to get some cash and spending the cash on having fun. Although there is no need to buy cars and you can just steal one, the buying option would certainly have been better.

There are two versions of the games available for Android devices the GTA vice City and the GTA III. With tweaked graphics, a custom layout for controls, and several new features, Grand Theft Auto will give you a better time in the fictional Vice City and Liberty City. Both GTA games cost about Rs 270 but certainly throw in countless hours of fun riding, driving and running around to finish tasks.


Adobe Photoshop Touch (Rs 540)

Adobe has announced the tablet version of the much-appreciated Photoshop image editing application for Google Android devices. Photoshop Touch app comes with similar functionality as the desktop application but this one has been optimized to work with a variety of Android tablets while working only on touch inputs.

The Photoshop Touch app features Layers, advanced selection tools, adjustments and filters similar to the desktop version for advanced image editing. Adobe has packed the Scribble Selection for high-precision selections using one finger. Indeed, it would be difficult to select different things in an image without this feature. There is also a Camera Fill feature that blends different layers to the camera feed in real-time. Creative filters such as Color Drops, Acrylic Paint and Ripple Filter are also there.
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Apart from these options, Photoshop Touch also includes standard Photoshop tools for editing and compositing on an image. The finished images can be saved on the device or directly uploaded to the Adobe Creative Cloud account to keep the projects in sync with the desktop program and the app.

Photoshop Touch is a paid app while there is a free version as well with the name Adobe Photoshop Express, which comes with the basic features free of cost.


Evernote is a powerful three-in-one solution that allows you to take notes, capture images, and also record sound to make quick voice notes. Quick note-taking and saving business cards as images is one of the several features of this app. On registration, the user gets 40 MB storage free on Evernote cloud and one can always purchase more storage through the Evernote Premium option.
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Evernote is available on multiple platforms and all the data stored on them can be accessed even via the web. More importantly, the inter OS operability makes things even better for users who have different devices. The application offers a great deal of functionality and features, and the type of utility the premium version of the application offers is absolutely justified.

Evernote app can be used for saving web articles or links you wish to check out later, instead of clogging up your phone cache. Loaded with features and options, Evernote obviously remains the most popular, versatile and handy app for all kinds of users.


VLC Media Player – Beta

A beta version of the world popular Video LAN Client, which is popularly known as the VLC Media Player, is now on Android. Currently, the Google Play Store offers several video playback apps that are stand-alone or depend on certain codec packages for video playback. VLC Player application, on the other hand, comes with integrated support for codecs, and therefore provides better video playback than most video players, without the need for downloading codecs for different video formats.

Along with that the VLC Player also supports a large number of audio and video formats as well and is very light on system resources, thus enabling even faster playback than default audio/video applications.
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The VLC Player supports gesture based controls and supports screen lock functionality so that accidental touches do not disturb the video experience. The application also supports most streaming protocols so it can easily be used to stream content on the device.

The VLC Player application supports Android devices running version 2.1 and up till Android 4.0, providing support for most devices. This app is in beta phase and might have a few bugs.


Flipboard, the social magazine application, has now been optimized for Android tablets as well. But the application is not just an enlarged version of the smartphone application; it’s an optimized version of the app that by default brings four pages of tiles, so they can quickly flip through more of their favorite content without much effort.
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The Flipboard application provides news and web feeds in the form of an easy to read web magazine like interface. The Flipboard can take feeds for local or web based RSS reader feeds as well as other news sources.

Also, one can share news items directly from the Flipboard to social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Users can also save the content for reading offline, using popular applications like Pocket and Instapaper because of their deep integration with applications.


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