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Top 5 Gadgets for women

On this occasion of women’s day, we present to you our list of top 5 gadgets that will aid a woman in her professional life

Women around the globe are now dominating and making in all aspects of life including the professional world. They are always on the go and ready to conquer the world and move mountains, but to assist them in their endeavour, technology will prove to be their best friend. On this occasion of women’s day, we present to you our list of top 5 gadgets that will aid a woman in her professional life


Women are prey to the negative effects of the evolution of clothing because of the size of the pockets they have on their jeans/pants and so they carry all their belongings in a purse/handbag! A purse is a woman’s home away from home and holds all the essential she needs. It is human nature to forget and to forget your purse somewhere can be very problematic. To solve this issue.

Tile surfaces as a great solution. It’s a tracker that can be kept inside your purse and can be used to locate it when misplaced. It runs on a battery and functions using an app. If lost, can be rung using your phone. It inconspicuous size lets it be stored without occupying much space.

Leaf urban

Combining beauty and technology is this smart jewellery from Bellabeat called the leaf urban. It’s a piece of versatile jewellery that looks stunning and can be worn as a bracelet, a pendant or a broch. It comes in five different finishes and colours to suit your personality. It is and works of a long-lasting replaceable battery.

It is made up of wood and hypoallergenic stainless steel. It can track activity, sleep, stress, meditation and reproductive health and is perfect for daily usageand works with a companion which is available on and IOS.

iPad Mini

If you are taking the stress and hardship of lugging around a purse at all times, why not make it useful? The latest generation of the popular iPad mini is loaded with features and comes in a compact size that will fit any handbag easily. It has a 7.9” and is just 6.1mm thick. It lightweight (300.5 grams) and durable and claims a battery life of 10hrs.

It features Apple’s A12 Bionic which is same that was used in last year’s flagship iPhones. It can do everything from viewing, creating and editing documents to drawing with the support of Apple pencil all on the go! It comes in a cellular variant as well making sure that you are always connected.

Fossil Hybrid

The Fossil Charter Hybrid is a great accessory which has looks and functionality. The watch features an analogue watch face along with a digital display behind it. The display shows your everything from incoming calls, notifications and to the weather. The display is controlled by the side buttons.

The display, unlike other smartwatches, is made up of an e ink display which gives it amazing battery life and sunlight visibility. The watch has an inbuilt heart rate sensor and can monitor activity, sleep and steps and can also be used to ring your misplaced phone. The watch comes in different finishes and has interchangeable straps to suit your style and works with a companion app which is available on Android and IOS.


Music is everyone’s companion and especially for an office going, woman! Active noise-cancelling earphones are great for zoning out and concentrating on your work in a noisy café or office. We recommend the Apple AirPods pro for iPhone users and the Sony 1000xm3 for Android users. Both the earphones have active noise cancellation and are truly wireless making them great for commute.

They feature a rich sound signature with excellent clarity and vocals. They also feature multi microphones that will let you take calls on the go. They pair easily and have touch capacity buttons for control.

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