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Top 5 free HD action games on Android

Why pay for normal mobile games when you can download high definition graphics games for free on Android market.

Today Android is blessed with a plethora of games of various genres. Out of that, action games are the most prefer and enjoyed ones. With devices becoming better with bigger displays and powerful processors, mobile phones are now becoming perfect little tool for playing high definition games.
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What about the cost of HD action games? Well don’t worry. Currently there are a number of such games which are available for Android devices for absolutely free.

Here we have a selection of such top five HD action games.

Dead Trigger

Remember popular zombie movie – 28 Weeks later. Well the game, Dead Trigger, is based on a similar storyline that goes like this – the world suffered a massive blow from the killer zombie-making virus and now you and others are trying to survive by simply shooting and killing the innocent but cannibalistic natured zombies who meet you on the way while performing day to day tasks.

The tasks include collecting supplies, safeguarding or barricading door, travelling and much more. All you need to do in the game is point, aim and shoot zombies.
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The game has been optimised for Nvidia Tegra 3 based devices which come with additional effects such as water and ragdoll effect that you get if you kill the zombies while perched on top of stairs or by simply pushing it somehow. But most modern day devices with enough processing and graphic muscle would be able to take advantage of its high definition graphics in full glory.

Users get to earn daily rewards in form of casino poker chips and can be played for jackpot prizes. There are plenty of upgrades and improvements that keep the game exciting and number of missions are more than one could handle.

Brothers in Arms 2

Brothers in Arms 2 is a war based game where your role is of the solider on his way to becoming a war hero. Set in the World War 2 scenario, the game puts users in the middle of the battle field where they have to strategise and outsmart the enemy to be victorious. The storyline is simple yet intriguing. Users not only fight on foot, but get to play on different vehicles, which have their own limitations. Users can shoot with rifles, flamethrowers, or can also make use of the heavy machine guns found in various bunkers.
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Players can choose to play solo in the story mode or can kill with friends over the internet as well. Also included is the Bluetooth game play option, so you can team up with your friends against the enemy. With the game, users get to experience every front of the war with 50 missions to unlock across five locations: the Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and Sicily. To unlock missions, users need to earn dog tags, which in the context of the game are experience medals.

The health line of soldiers has been kept very slim to make this game more interesting. You will always have to look out for the health level otherwise you will die within five minutes, or can buy your life back either by shelling out medals which are earned with great difficulty, or by making in app purchases.

Blood and Glory (Non Rated)

Infinity Blade lovers, this one is for you. Blood and Glory for Android takes a break from the monotony of killing and slashing zombies instead it gives players a feel of the Roman era. You are a gladiator fighting your way up the ladder inside a brutal Coliseum and there are only two choices left, either to kill or to get killed because here its either glory or blood.

Sorry kids, the Non Rated version is not for you, you can have the rated version of the game instead, which comes without the blood and gore.
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It is very nice to have played this game that offers some hands on action for players, rather than just aiming to shoot. You start as a novice fighter and the first mission in the game is purely for teaching how one should play the game. Each tournament features five stages and if you emerge victorious you are awarded the title of “Tournament Invictus”.

As players progress through the tournaments, visiting the upgrade store for equipment and weapons becomes a regular task. Different equipment will offer different advantages like attack rating boosts, additional health points, increased critical hit percentage, and more. The difficulty goes up at a very quick pace, so as users win tournaments they will run to the store to get whatever they can before the next challenge rises.

The only catch is that your health will not last through an entire tournament. So you can fight well, survive to the end, and become the champion, or stumble terribly in the first match and have little to no health to get through the remaining four.

But by spending some Glu coins, which are awarded upon completing each level you can buy health potions to regain health during a tournament or fight. The graphic quality of the game is top notch and thus it requires a high end device to perform well.

Samurai Vs Zombies Defence

Another addition to the long list of zombie killing action games is Glu Mobile’s “Samurai vs. Zombies Defense”. In the game, there are two play modes – samurai mode and the zombie mode where you play the character of zombie leader.

Well in both the modes one thing remains common and that is the game play and how the game advances. You as the leader of the humans, or the zombies fight and command your armies to fight the opposite sides. In both the cases there is just one leader on the ground and that is you.
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The game throws a variety of situations at the player, in this case you have to be smart or get killed. As the stages increase, the number of enemies increases, so you have to form a strategy as quickly as possible to be successful in the fight for the cause.

There are a plenty of upgrades available for the players but they cost money which is collected by killing zombies or humans. Also users get free Pachinko balls which are like the Japanese casino slots which you can user to win free cash, card and other cool stuff.

Gun Bros

Gun Bros is a story of the fight between the TOOL (Tyrannical Oppressors of Life) and the FRAGGED (Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division) forces wherein the only objective for the players is to kill or else get killed, laying weapons and getting killed is not an option. The game is absolutely free to play.

You play as the FRAGGED solider whose sole mission is to scout the planets and rid the creatures of TOOL. The game play involves shooting and making some clever moves when the heat seeking missiles and plasma bursts from the enemies come your way.
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The game has multiplayer option as well where one can play the game with his friends both online and offline. In Online mode, players can control the character and get support from fellow player in fights while in offline, the other player is a mere assistant but hey two is better than one for sure.

The game is played in the form of waves on various planets who have a unique threat to tackle. The more you play, the harder it gets to kill the TOOLs and of course, harder opponents come after each wave. The game involves upgrades that make your player stronger but they cost a lot of money that can only be earned in the form of Xplodium after killing enemies. The Xplodium is then fed to the Transformers that give you cash in exchange.

The game starts with the basic levels first but as you gain experience, newer and more difficult stages were opened up. Keep in mind that if you do not upgrade your player there is only so much you can play in this game as the enemies grow stronger and harder to kill by each passing wave. But at the same time do not get carried away with the design of the gun as sometimes smaller guns cause more harm than the dangerous looking big guns.

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