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Top 5 Bluetooth LED Bulbs

You can install them as easily as you would install a standard light bulb.

It is the season for colour changing lights and everyone wants to change their lights with their smartphones. You can pair multiple of these bulbs to create an environment that works easily from the comfort of your phone. These light bulbs are easy to use and do not require any additional hubs.

They are based on Bluetooth and can be used on your Android or iOS devices. You can install them as easily as you would install a standard light bulb. After that, you just have to pair them via Bluetooth and you are ready to go.

Mansaa SmartShine Wireless LED Bulb(₹1,615)

Our first pick is the Mansaa SmartShine Wireless LED Bulb(₹1,615). The reason they are our first pick is that they are manufactured in India. This is a 9-watt bulb. It has over 16 million colours. You can change the light from the preset groups that are available.

The bulb comes with a brushed aluminium unibody shell. This not only makes it durable but also looks very good. The user can customize when to turn the bulb on or off and also set alarms via the mobile app available for both Android and iOS.It has a3-year warranty.

Syska SmartLight Rainbow LED Smart Bulb(₹1,890)

Our second pick is the Syska SmartLight Rainbow LED Smart Bulb(₹1,890). It is a 7W bulb. It supports up to 3million colours. Syska has its own available for both iOS and Android phones. This bulb uses Bluetooth Low Energy to establish a connection with the app on your smartphone. It works with 220 volts.

The app also has a bunch of games that make use of the bulb’s feedback. The user can also set alarms and custom modes. It has an overall lifespan of 25,000 hours and has a 2-year warranty.

Iota Lite Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb from Rios(₹1,206)

Our third pick is the Iota Lite Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb from Rios(₹1,206). It is also a 7W bulb and has an operating voltage of 115-260 volts. It has 16million colours. The app comes with an alert system for apps which send you notifications such as weather, Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook etc. When you receive a notification the bulb will change colour to notify you.

You can also schedule the bulb to turn on or off automatically. Alarms are also available. It has some preset modes that you can choose from. It has a 1-year warranty.

Kourion Magic Bluetooth Bulb.(₹2,125)

Our fourth pick is the Kourion Magic Bluetooth Bulb.(₹2,125). It is a 7.5-watt bulb and it has 16 million colours. The thing that sets it apart and what makes it expensive is the aluminium construction. This increases its durability. The app allows the user to customize and create your own custom modes. You can also select the transition from one colour to another by the modes available. The bulb uses Bluetooth Low Energy and has a range of 20 meters. It comes with 1-year warranty.

Aloysia Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb(₹1,290)

Our final pick is the Aloysia Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb(₹1,290). This is a 6-watt bulb.It has 16 Million colours and a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It has a 2-year warranty. This bulb is also made in India. You can have a timer and sync your music with the bulb via the app. It has preset modes and call alerts. You can also adjust the brightness through the app.

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