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Top 5 Apps for Work from home

Work from home need not be unproductive and distractive thanks to our list of Top 5 apps for work from home that will keep you on top of your game.

The Coronavirus has brought the world to a halt and that includes office goers who have to refrain from going to work in order to stay safe from the deadly virus. Companies like Apple encourage their employees to stay and work from home as this ensures their safety and also does not let the business suffer, but how do you do this efficiently?

Our list of top 5 apps for work from home will let you reach your targets as if you were at the office from the comfort of your home.

Skype for business

Meetings are an integral part of any organization. They help reach a common goal and solve problems by getting together and discussing the issue but, how do you hold meetings when getting in close proximity of others is not an option?

Skype for business is the solution! Allowing up to 250 people to join a video call, Skype for video call ensures that you are up to date and in sync with your colleagues. The video calls come with enterprise-grade security and allows you to manage employee accounts, and is integrated into your Office apps.

Skype for business is available on Android, IOS, Windows and Mac and is priced at INR 130/month per person or INR 1404/year per person. It is available on IOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Microsoft Office

In an office environment collaborating on a project/document is easy but doing the same from your home might seem impossible but thanks to Microsoft’s Suite of office apps, it’s not! Word, PowerPoint and Excel allow you to collaborate on a single project live. You can see the changes each member makes in real-time.

All you have to do is share the document and invite the members to co-author and that’s it! You do need a shared storage space such as Microsoft OneDrive which is already included in your Office 365 subscription. The app is available on IOS, Android, Windows and Mac.


An office space is usually supported by a team of IT professionals who remotely trouble shoot your system but, at home how do you get tech support? With TeamViewer! TeamViewer is a remote desktop application where a party can control another party’s system remotely.

The app when launched shows an ID and a password without which one’s computer cannot be accessed ensuring safety and security. When the ID and password is shared with the person by whom you want your system to be remotely controlled, it establishes a connection via the internet.

Once a connection is established, the party on the other side will be able to control your system remotely that includes your cursor and also file transfer between systems. You’ll have a control panel on your screen with all your function including a button to terminate the connection. You can do the same by hitting the prescribed hotkey such as the “ESC” key. The app is free and is available on IOS, Android, Windows and Mac.


Sharing documents and other files are an integral part of an efficient work environment and it should no halt even when you are working from home and OneDrive ensures that!

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage facility by Microsoft that allows users to upload data on to a single platform from where everyone can access it. This removes the cumbersome process of mailing a single file to everyone. OneDrive comes along with the Office 365 subscription with 1TB of storage and can also be purchased on a separate subscription basis.

The OneDrive app is free and is available on IOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Microsoft To Do

Working from home can be tough thanks to all the distractions around you. A To-Do list ensures that you complete your daily tasks on time but a conventional To Do just won’t cut it in our busy lives and that’s where the Microsoft To-Do comes into play.

It’s a smart digital To Do list that is intuitive, interactive and lives right on your devices. You can scratch the activities you have completed and can separate them based on profiles such as work, home etc. The app allows you to have beautiful backgrounds to make it more appealing. Your list syncs across all your devices for a seamless experience. The app is free and is available on IOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

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