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YouTube starts 1080p, 4K resolution video streaming on Mobile Networks in India

YouTube has once again enabled the ability to stream 1080p videos on mobile networks in India after it imposed the restriction back in March.

YouTube is enabling back the ability to stream 1080p and 4K resolution videos on mobile data which the streaming service disabled back in March.

When the lockdown came into effect starting March 2020, YouTube had capped the streaming quality to 480p in India to reduce bandwidth strain and to prevent the networks from getting over loaded.

The capping was done for both WiFi and Mobile Data networks. But YouTube relaxed the restrictions later on in July allowing users to stream at maximum resolution but only on WiFi.

The users who were dependent on mobile data for streaming videos were left with no choice but to still stream videos at 480p. Now, after almost 7 months, YouTube is allowing users who watch videos with mobile data to stream those in the highest resolution available for the video.

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We have also checked and verified whether the 1080p streaming option was available and we were able to stream videos at highest resolution on Jio and Airtel networks.

The restriction was imposed in other countries too but were relaxed pretty quickly when compared to India.

The company also revealed a bunch of new features and gestures within the app a week ago. The new gestures included in the revamp include a gesture where you can swipe up on the video to enter the full-screen mode. And you can swipe down to exit the full screen mode which has been there in the app since quite a while now. The change in the UI of the player will now include some buttons for one of the important settings so you can quickly reach them without much digging.


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