YouTube for Android gets in-page playback

By: Rahul Gupta, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:40 pm

Now with the updated YouTube application, users can keep watching the videos while doing a host of things alongside.
Google has released an update of the YouTube application for Android devices introducing a lot of changes.

To begin with, the interface of the YouTube application has been completely revamped that provides a more user friendly look and feel. The highlight feature of the new update is that the application now gets the in-page playback capabilities. It means that users can continue doing several things while the video continues to play in the designated space on the screen.

In the user interface the input systems have also been upgraded allowing users to go to full screen video mode by just tilting the phone to the landscape mode. The YouTube widget for Android has also been revamped and now offers news and video feed form all the subscriptions from user's account. Along with that the widget can also be used to quick upload a video by eliminating the need to go the application itself and thereby saving a considerable amount of time.

Other notable inclusions to the application include the +1 button for videos for simplified liking and sharing. Along with that users can now edit the video information in the background while the video is being uploaded on to Youtube via the mobile phone.

To start using Youtube 2.3.4 for Android, users can download the update manually or can also visit the android marketplace application to update the Youtube application or can also click here to update the application. This update requires an Android OS 2.2+ device and works anywhere Youtube service is currently available.

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