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Your Facebook message in your own voice

By: Rahul Gupta, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:39 pm

Now update Facebook status messages in your own voice with Voice Buzz.
When talking of Facebook it has become so popular among people that it has become a critical part of people's life. Everyday millions of people post what is happening in their lives in the form of status updates. How good would it be if you could post your status in your own voice? You can now post Facebook status updates in your own voice with voice buzz.

Voice Buzz is a free application that allows users to leave status messages on Facebook in their own voice.

Also Voice Buzz is India's first independent social networking voice application, that works across landline and cell phone service providers, making it easily and readily usable. So any Facebook user can register for this service from a landline or a cellphone and use this application without paying a single rupee as charges apart from the call charges.

To use Voice Buzz, users need to register at kookoo.in/voicebuzz and provide details of their Facebook account and a contact number which will be linked to that account. Then, to post the status, the user has to dial 040-30512834 and record the voice message, which will then instantly appear on Facebook feed as the status message.

Although this might be a great new way to use Facebook, the company has provided no information about the security of data even after contacting them, which is a big concern.

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