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Wimm Labs unveils world’s smallest Android device

In a world where smartphones are getting bigger, Wimm labs has announced the smallest ever Android device.

Is it a phone? Or wait, maybe it is a watch. There can be endless possibilities with the new Wimm One &#151 its platform having been developed and unveiled by Wimm Labs, a device development lab based in California. In a world where manufacturers are fighting to adopt bigger displays on mobile devices, Wimm platform adopts a tiny 1.4 inch display for an based mobile device capable of doing almost anything a smartphone can.

The main attraction of the Wimm One is that it is so small in size that it can be used for almost any application, somewhat similar to a new generation iPod Nano. Wimm Labs has also developed an SDK or software development kit that will allow developers to make applications designed to make full use of its capabilities, which include seamless connectivity between devices and WiFi connectivity as well. So basically, with this the possibilities of use are endless and the platform can easily be employed as a Health monitor, Personal assistant, Shopping helper and multimedia player etc.

To power its device Wimm Labs has taken out components from Android to make its own operating system, which is able to run applications as well. In order to give it better functionality and usability the manufacturer has added a 667 processor and up to 32 of expandable memory as well. The display included in the device is a tiny 1.4 inch one with native of 160 x 160 pixels, but with capacitive touch.

The device comes with other capabilities, such as an inbuilt and a for direction sensing. It will come pre-loaded with a library of custom watch faces and core micro apps, including Caller ID, Preview, Lost Phone Warning, Calendar, Weather, World Clock and more.

“We’ve created an incredibly powerful, yet small, modular device that can be embedded into a wide variety of consumer products. Combined with customizable applications and a branded web interface, the Wimm Labs platform gives licensees the ability to create more personal, intuitive and valuable connections with customers,” said Dave Mooring, chief executive officer of Wimm Labs.

Wimm One is expected to be made available as a developer preview device at first in August&#151September, following which it will be released to the public.

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