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WiFi 7: What is it, how will it impact consumers, how is it better than WiFi 6?

Wi-Fi 7 is the upcoming generation of Wi-Fi that is not only going to be faster but will also be more secure. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The advancements in wireless connectivity have been remarkable in recent years, and they are set to continue with the introduction of new technology, such as WiFi 7. WiFi is an integral part of our daily lives, used for browsing the internet, streaming videos, gaming, and more. With the latest updates related to WiFi, WiFi speeds will be faster than ever. Today, we try to explain what WiFi 7 is, how it compares to the current generation WiFi 6, and how can benefit you.

What are WiFi standards?

What are WiFi standards? Before learning about WiFi 7, it’s important to understand what WiFi standards are. WiFi standards are guidelines that WiFi devices must follow when communicating with one another. These guidelines outline the speed at which data can be transmitted and received, the range of signal transmission, and how devices should behave.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), an international organisation of engineers and scientists, developed these standards. The IEEE uses the 802.11 lineup of standards for the definition of different versions of WiFi, such as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, and 802.11ax. The 802.11ac is referred to as WiFi 6, and WiFi 7 is the latest version of WiFi, which will also be known as 802.11be.

WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6

The latest version of WiFi is known as WiFi 7 or 802.11be, while WiFi 6 is also referred to as 802.11ac. WiFi 7 is significantly faster and can reach speeds up to 46 – five times faster than the current fastest WiFi 6. The upcoming WiFi 7 can use up to 320 of channel bandwidth, which is double the maximum channel size of WiFi 6, which is a significant improvement.

Then, WiFi 7 supports up to 16 spatial streams, which is double the number of WiFi streams supported by WiFi 6. This allows the upcoming generation of WiFi to send and receive more data at the same time.

Moreover, WiFi 7 incorporates a new feature called Multi-Link Operation (MLO). This feature allows seven devices to send and receive data similarly across different bands and channels. This feature can not only increase capacity and reliability but also reduce the latency.

Lastly, WiFi 7 devices can ignore parts of a channel affected by WiFi interference and use the rest of the channel for data transmission. This allows for faster and more reliable transmission of data.

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What are the benefits of WiFi 7?

Of course, one of the most apparent benefits to the end user will be faster WiFi and smoother online experiences. This includes downloads, uploads, streaming, gaming, video conferencing, and more. Using a WiFi 7-supported device will reduce buffering, lagging, and freezing. Currently, WiFi devices are already capable of handling data in a smooth manner, but WiFi 7 is an improvement in every possible way.

As we mentioned, users will experience less latency, which is vital for a smooth online gaming experience. So gamers can look forward to having an experience without delays or lags. It will further enable low-latency extended reality (XR), social cloud-based gaming, 8K video streaming, and simultaneous video conferencing and casting.

WiFi 7 lets you connect more devices to your network without compromising performance. Security is still a notable issue when using wireless connections, and WiFi 7 will address it. You will better protect your network from hackers and cyberattacks.

How to get WiFi 7?

To get WiFi 7, you will need a WiFi 7 router and a WiFi 7 device. WiFi 7 router is a device that creates a wireless network in your home or office. A WiFi 7 device on the other hand connects to the wireless network created by the router. However, WiFi 7, according to IEEE’s website still a year away from getting approved, and one can expect it to be released is by the end of 2024 or in early 2025.

However, both WiFi 7-supported devices and routers are already on sale in the market. Some smartphones are now also supporting the next generation of WiFi technology. Unfortunately, you cannot experience the technology until WiFi 7 is released.

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