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Why Android needs to change

As problems with Android smartphones surface, it is becoming imperative for Google to sort its OS.

Although an Android smartphone can technically do everything an iPhone can, iPhones still score over the best Android devices because the device is more intuitive, tends to heat up a lot less and uses the battery more efficiently. One forum that says so though you could find more is an official Motorola site.

Despite the success of Android phones, there are some flaws in Android that still need to be addressed. Android may be getting things wrong because while iPhone owners are just enjoying their phone, people using Android device need to use a task manager app to kill tasks.

Even updating Android smartphones appears complicated to some. There are no Android user guides that don’t assume anything and explain step by step. People are confused by guides talking to them in technical jargon. Even when Android users love their phone’s specs, many replace their device before long…. something goes wrong.

First, carrying a huge smartphone might be a disconcerting feeling for many people. Android phones tend often to be large. The largest is the 5 inch Dell Streak which runs Android 2.2 Froyo. Further, those who are happy with the speed at which their phone operates are often uncomfortable with the heat it generates. Still others dislike the fact that some Android phones come pre loaded with apps they don’t want.

Although some cases of dissatisfaction don’t prove anything against all Android smartphones; nor against one smartphone model running Android for that matter; but when the criticism against Android is added up, the doesn’t look good to a potential smartphone buyer.

One tends to think one won’t get through a normal workday before the Android phone runs out of battery, which isn’t acceptable to business people. The turn by turn GPS application, particularly, uses more battery than expected.

These criticisms grow all the more relevant as personal computing is spread over multiple devices. Users may check emails using their Android phones, and use tablets for presentations and to share documents. In such a situation, if one device creates problems, it will be easier to shift to another device — there will always be a backup computer. It’s easier than ever for people to dump a product they dislike. So it becomes all the more necessary for Google to begin by making the user interface for Android simpler and more intuitive than it is.

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