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Whatsapp on Jio Phones, this hack went viral

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : January 15, 2018 12:22 pm

Sometime last month, users discovered that Whatsapp can work on Jio Phones, through a hack. Now it's almost a business. Will Jio let it last?

When the Jio Phone was launched last year in July, the biggest missing element in the cheap 'smartphone' was its incompatibility with Whatsapp. Despite that, the phone sold well, selling over 6 million handsets in its first phase of sales, according to Jio claims.  As it turns out, its users never stopped missing Whatsapp. 


Browserling, a cross-browser testing tool for web developers, managed by its owner in the US, can enable you to use the tool for WhatsApp on Jio Phones. This is done by using the web version of WhatsApp, at web.whatsapp.com. This video created by tech blog even people how to do it. 



For the Browserling site owner, the sudden surge in traffic from India was a cause for suspicion, wonder, and finally, an opportunity to try and monetise. But how long before Jio itself, or someone else in India creates the same solution? We are betting it would be wildly popular, seeing how the pent-up demand for WhatsApp has been demonstrated by the traffic surge on the Browserling site.  So much so that Browserling has a special login page for Jio users, at https://www.browserling.com/jio



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Done through a simple browser adaptation, one wonders if Jio itself should not be doing this, instead of trying to close out everything else for Jio phone users. As they say, if you want it badly enough, people will find a way, and in this case, people have demonstrated a seriously strong demand for this kind of opportunity. Why come in the way of that, Jio?




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