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What is Showreel? Things you should know

Showreel is a new video messaging platform. It is available on Play Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users.

Showreel is a new video messaging platform for job seekers which Sabeer Bhatia has launched. He is an Indian – American tech entrepreneur who co-founded Hotmail in 1996, which Microsoft later acquired. Showreel is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

What is Showreel?

Showreel basically aims to enable employment and upskilling opportunities for job seekers globally. It just operates in a virtual environment instead of the real world. The app is somewhat like TikTok videos or Instagram’s reels, but it focuses on professional purposes.

The application has been designed by a team of 20 people based in India and is currently operating in Beta mode. It is available on the Play Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users.

The app brings job seekers and companies on the same platform and creates an impact. It enables employment and upskilling opportunities for job seekers across the globe at some of the leading companies. In addition, it has some of the top recruiters who are looking out for talent for their companies. The app generally simplifies a person’s hiring process with video resumes rather than just a textual resume.

How Does it Work?

Users on Showreel can access the best companies and find the best-suited job as per their profile, claims the company. In addition, the job seekers will be able to create professional videos of themselves in response to questions posed by mentors or hiring companies. The app then stitches these responses together to create a professional ShowReel.

These questions will help people looking for guidance across professional, personal, leadership, and entrepreneurial growth an opportunity to prepare and self-improve. In addition, the professional ShowReels will enable job seekers to market themselves and get their dream jobs.

The idea behind launching such an app is that people want to communicate when they want to get hired. Gone are the times when people used to send their resumes via email to the companies for jobs. In these pandemic days, the app will finely suit the needs of job seekers who want to make professional videos with a purpose rather than just creating videos for entertainment for other people to see. Thus, this app will help companies, as well as this will cut down their recruitment time.

The app can also be used to create pitches for a startup. At present, the app has four categories – professional, startups, personal and leadership to allow users to start making their ShowReels. And they can take a maximum of two minutes to answer each question. Each section has a set number of questions that the user asks with a pre-recorded message from Bhatia. The respondents answer questions that Bhatia asks, almost like a natural conversation. He asks questions like ‘what is your name, ‘what is your startup idea’ etc.

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Future Prospects

Of late, the smartphone industry has seen a rise in India. This is because smartphones are now available at affordable prices, due to which even a poor person can buy a phone with decent specifications. Moreover, with Showreel, these people can also make videos for a good cause for employment.

The company says that ShowReel will leverage AI to analyze collected data and drive actionable insights for the audience in its next phase. In the coming times, they will empower people with conversations and opportunities beyond employment and upskilling.

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