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How to use Showreel?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use hotmail co-founder's newest app called Showreel made for those looking for jobs.

Showreel is the newest social video messaging app launched by Silicon-Valley based serial techpreneur and Hotmail Co-Founder Sabeer Bhatia. The primary aim of Showreel is to match job seekers with companies struggling to find talent. To enable upskilling, network building, and hiring, Bhatia leveraged the power of video and the potential of access and conversations to bring job seekers and companies on the same platform and create impact. 

As it’s a new application, one might need a guide on how to use Showreelit and you are at the right place. So here’s a step-by-step guide

Step 1

How to use showreel

After you download the app and open it, the first person you will see is Sabeer Bhatia himself. It’s a pre-recorded video of Sabeer where he gives you the idea of what Showreel is and how to make a video profile of yourself.

Step 2

Once the video is finished (or if you skip it), you enter the app. Now, the first thing you would want to do is to create an account with your name, email and password. You can do so by hitting the profile icon at the bottom right.

Under this section, you can also track your showreels regarding how they are doing on the platform. Here, you can also look at showreels of others you have saved, feedback received by someone, make a resume on the app, and a list of your showreels.

Step 3

Various notifications regarding your showreel likes, comments, etc will appear under the notifications tab. The button at the bottom middle is from where you can make your Showreel.

You can choose between a guided showreel where a specific set of questions will be asked by Sabeer’s pre-recorded video or a custom showreel where you can create your own set of questions and answer them on your own.

Step 4

How to use showreels steps

After you select between the above two options, you will be told about the benefits of each type. Then, you will have to choose what kind of Showreel you want to make. Finally, four types of showreels are mentioned with their respective objectives:

  • Create a Professional ShowReel that makes your professional career standout.
  • Create a Personal ShowReel that brings out your personality.
  • Create a Startup ShowReel that showcases your Startup Idea.
  • Create a Leadership ShowReel that helps you understand your leadership style.

Every showreel type has a different set of questions. And for each question, you can spend a maximum time of 2 minutes to answer.

Step 5

How to use showreel

Swipe the circle to start your Showreel. You will be shown the first question on the screen. Once the guided Showreel starts, you will get 3 seconds to get ready to answer the question after it has been asked.

You can stop the Showreel at any time by pressing the stop button. In addition, you can discard it altogether by going back to the home screen. You can also repeat the question or retake the Showreel if you aren’t satisfied.

Under a custom showreel, you will be able to just speak what’s on your mind and record whatever you want to.

Step 6

How to use showreel step 6

To the left of the create Showreel button resides a grid button where you can scroll through others’ showreels. Others’ showreels can give you an idea of what to do exactly and how to make a perfect showreel.

Step 7

Under the Home tab, you can quickly start a showreel by clicking on the type of Showreel at the top. Below that, you get your inbox where people can contact you for your showreels.

This is how you can use Showreel to boost your career by getting more opportunities from employers. It’s a great initiative from Sabeer for both freshers and those looking to switch jobs. Companies can also find the right candidate for the job position for which they are looking for an employee.

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