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Vivo showcases a Phone With Colour-Changing Back Panel

Vivo has showcased a new concept device in which the color of the back panel can be changed according to the User. It achieves this with the help of electrochromic glass.

Vivo, the Chinese smartphone maker is known for innovation and features they introduce related to smartphones that change the whole scene.

Vivo was the first smartphone maker to introduce the under-display fingerprint scanner and now that has become a standard feature in the smartphone industry.

This time, Vivo has introduced another new concept in which the colour of the back panel of the phone can be changed to any colour you like. Yes, you heard it right. Vivo achieves this with the help of electrochromic glass that is usually seen on skylights, sunroofs in cars, etc. In this type of tintable glass, the colour of it can be changed and controlled by the user.

A video showcasing this feature was posted by Vivo on Weibo where the colour of the back panel changed from purple to silver.

With this kind of concept, various features can be introduced later on that sync with the feature. For example, the colour of the panel can change to notify users for a particular notification, etc.

If you remember, another Chinese company made a similar concept earlier this year, and it was none other than OnePlus. They used the same type of glass to change the state of it, from translucent to opaque. They were able to achieve this by changing the voltage and current of the glass. While that was just a strip of glass that covered the camera, Vivo’s concept is better as the whole glass of the back panel is electrochromic.

Vivo has said that the tech is still being worked on to test how it affects the battery life and performance and they might introduce this feature in the coming year.

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