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Truecaller Launches Fraud Insurance for Premium Users: What Does it Cover?

Truecaller has launched a new feature called Truecaller Fraud Insurance, initially available in India for and users. This service aims to protect premium subscribers against various types of fraud. Truecaller has partnered with HDFC Ergo to offer this service, covering digital theft of funds under the HDFC ERGO Cyber Sachet Insurance.

Fraud insurance will reimburse users for up to ₹10,000 of the stolen funds due to call/SMS fraud on their Truecaller number if they have activated the service. We are waiting for a response from Truecaller regarding whether this service also works with fraud originating on WhatsApp. We will update the story once we receive more information. Also, note that this service is only available for non-business and professional use.

Coverage Details

Truecaller Fraud Insurance offers comprehensive coverage, providing a maximum of upto ₹10,000 for financial losses resulting from unauthorized access, phishing, and spoofing in bank accounts, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets. It also includes coverage for financial losses, credit monitoring costs, legal prosecution costs stemming from personal information misuse on the internet, and psychological consultation costs for affected victims. This extensive coverage is designed to provideTruecaller users with a sense of security and protection.

The insurance covers the expenses associated with recovering lost or corrupted data due to malware attacks, as well as the cost of replacing personal devices or their components affected by malware attacks. It also includes legal fees and the cost of removing objectionable content posted by cyberbullies.

Furthermore, the insurance covers financial losses incurred from fraudulent online shopping where the user does not receive the product after making a full payment. It also encompasses financial loss incurred from selling products online to a fraudulent buyer who refuses to pay and return the product.

Truecaller Fraud Insurance covers legal costs incurred to defend against third-party claims if a social media post causes privacy breaches or copyright violations. It also addresses legal expenses incurred to defend against third-party claims if their devices are infected by malware originating from the insured’s device.

Additionally, the insurance encompasses legal costs incurred due to unintentional data leaks from the insured’s devices or accounts. It also includes legal expenses incurred to pursue a case against a third party for leaking confidential information or data.


As far as exclusions are concerned, losses resulting from actions or omissions in a professional capacity are not covered. Also, losses from investment or trading are not included. There are a few more claims that are not covered under the policy, as follows:

– Claims from legal suits by family members or people living with the insured are excluded.

– Costs for improving personal devices beyond their original state before the insured event are only covered if unavoidable.

– Losses involving cryptocurrencies are not covered.

– Losses incurred from accessing restricted or banned websites are not covered.

– Losses from gambling activities are also excluded.

Subscription and Cost

If you are considering purchasing the Truecaller premium plan, new users can choose from Connect, Assistant, Assistant Family, or Gold yearly subscriptions to access Fraud Insurance. Existing users with premium subscriptions will automatically receive this feature upon upgrading to the latest version.

The Connect plan costs ₹ 529 per year or ₹ 179 for three months. The Assistant plan costs ₹1499 per year or ₹149 per month. The Assistant Family plan, which allows family sharing for up to four additional accounts, costs ₹ 2999 per year or ₹ 299 per month. The Gold plan costs ₹ 5000 per year. Users can submit multiple claims with a maximum cumulative payout of ₹ 10,000.

Premium Features

As a premium subscriber, you will benefit from a range of features, including ad-free usage, call recording, advanced spam blocking, and live caller ID. You will also have access to features such as who viewed your profile, who searched for you (available only on Android), unlimited contact requests (Android only), incognito mode, ghost call (Android only), premium badge, premium app icon, live chat support, call screening, multiple assistant voices, custom greeting, voicemail, and gold caller ID for Gold plan users.

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