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Toshiba taunts Apple’s iPad

iOS users trying to visit Toshiba's tablet site are taunted for owning an iPhone or iPad.

Those visiting the Toshiba tablet site using an iPhone or iPad can’t view it because it’s built with Flash, which Apple’s mobile devices don’t support. The site taunts the user for having bought an iPhone or iPad and says that if he had bought an 3.0 device, he would have been able to view all types of content on the internet. Toshiba could have built its website using HTML5, but chose instead to make a statement regarding its biggest competitor’s failings with Flash.

The move doesn’t sound too good since Toshiba hasn’t even launched its own tablet yet. Letting the tablet do the talking might have been a better idea. In fact, the first tablet launched by Toshiba had run into problems and was pulled from the UK market. It took a major patch from the company to address some of the tablet’s bugs.

The iPad has been a very popular product because users can use it as an e reader, multimedia machine, and naturally because of the Apple brand. Apple’s competitors are working feverishly on rival products, and Toshiba is one of them. Apple, on its part, is busy sealing long term deals with suppliers, which means it is confident of its future.

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