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Toshiba introduces new range of home appliances in India

The company has introduced multi-door refrigerators, 2-door refrigerators with top freezer, washer dryers, front-loading and top-loading washing machines, and water purifiers.

Toshiba introduces a new range of home appliances in Indiaoshiba, a Japanese brand, has announced teh launch of its new range of home appliances in India. The company has introduced multi-door refrigerators, 2-door refrigerators with top freezer, washer dryers, front-loading and top-loading washing machines, and water purifiers.

The Toshiba multi-door refrigerator is priced at Rs 149,990/- and is available in an elegant Blue Glass finish. The two-door Refrigerator range includes 6 models with 12 variants of SKUs from the capacity 252L to 661L with the price range between Rs 27,000 and Rs 85,000. The Toshiba washing machines include 4 top-loading and 6 front-loading SKUs starting from 7kg up to 9Kg ranging between Rs 21,000 and Rs 80,000.

The Toshiba washer dryer is priced at Rs 79,990. Coming to the water purifiers, the Black Mirror Finish RO+UV variant N1748T1 (K) comes with a Stainless steel tank and White color RO+UV variant N1748T1 (W) with a plastic tank, these models are available at Rs 27,990 and Rs 24,990 respectively, the Green RO series N1748TNF-IND(W) is priced at Rs 23,990. While the UF + UV variant is priced at Rs 14,990.

Toshiba multi-door refrigerator

To start with a multi-door refrigerator, the company has introduced the GR-RF646WE-PGI model in the country that is available with 4 doors and it comes with 650-litre capability. The fridge features Convert Zone feature, that allows users to change one of the 91 Litre bottom-mounted freezer units into a mini-fridge. The company says that customers can expand the refrigerator’s capacity by almost 15 per cent and adjust temperatures setting from -18°c to 7°c to store vegetables, fruits, fish and meat within the same space with a touch of a button.

It also comes loaded with 3 System Cooling that offers 3 independent cooling systems efficient cooling to each compartment and avoiding mixing of odour. The refrigerator offers Plasma+ Pure Deodorizer that deactivates bacteria, removes bad odour and more. The home appliance comes with 26 compartments for storage needs and there is a digital touch control to maintain the desired temperature.

Toshiba 2-door refrigerator

The company has introduced various models in this range. The GR-AG66INA model comes with automatic ice maker feature and it comes with 661-litre capability. It also comes with a Cool Air Wrap System that circulates pure and Fresh air to the corners of the fridge using multiple vents.

The Ag+ (Silver nano) Crisper contains the Ag+ ions that restrict bacterial growth keeping groceries fresh for a longer period. It is also equipped with Toshiba’s patented LED Hybrid Deodorizer that uses two catalysts filters to decompose different types of odour and a LED/UV light to restrain bacteria growth inside the refrigerator.

The model comes with Touch Control at the freezer Door choose different modes and select the desired temperature and it is available in Gradient Blue and Black colour options. All Toshiba refrigerators come with Real Inverter technology that it claims saves 20 per cent energy and the range offers a 10-year compressor warranty.

Toshiba washing machines

Coming to washing machines, the range comes with a Real Inverter motor that is more efficient and stable than a conventional motor, claims the company. Toshiba Front-loading washing machine features The Great Waves uses both Flush Wave and Color Alive to save time.

The front-loading washing machines are designed with an Anti-Bacterial Gasket that avoids damp or unpleasant smell when opening the front load door. The Drum Clean feature thoroughly cleans the drum with high-temperature water, without using any harsh chemicals.

The Top-loading washing machines feature ‘No Angular Design’ that the brand claims prevents accidental injury or scratching during operation. There is a transparent glass lid, which can bear a load of 100kg. There is an Easy Kit multi-functional detergent box that provides a separate container for the softener, liquid detergent and washing powder.

Toshiba washer-dryer

The company has also introduced an 11kg front-load washer-dryer for the Indian market. It comes with Real Inverter and Great Waves technologies. This model is also designed with Anti-Bacterial Gasket and the Cyclone Mix technology improves washing performance by using an impeller that is implanted in the drawer which increases detergent dissolution by 20 per cent. The washer-dryer also has a LED Drum Light for better viewing of clothes during washing or drying.

Toshiba water purifiers

Toshiba Water Purifiers range for 2020-21 includes 4 SKUs featuring a UV Shield that kills 99.99 per cent of bacteria in the water using a cold cathode UV lamp. It comes with a Smart Interactive Display that informs consumers about filter replacement, the water level inside the tank, service reminder and UV function Highlighter. It comes with a Replaceable Tank design with choices of a stainless steel or plastic tank.

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