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Top five productivity apps for iOS devices

Bunch of must-have productivity apps for iOS platform that makes every cent worth and well spent.

Apple iOS based devices continue to lure several consumers across the globe. Apart from great multimedia consumption, the iOS devices are also helpful in boosting personal productivity to a great extent. The Apple App store has several applications that can help you improve your daily productivity and also keep you in-tune with things that need to be taken care of.

Out of thousands of productivity apps, we have chosen best five for your iOS device.


It is always difficult for anyone to keep track of all the important notes and images while on the move. Evernote is a powerful three-in-one solution that allows taking notes, capturing images, and also recording voice notes using iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Featuring a standard and easy to adapt interface, Evernote allows quick note-taking and serves as a life saver while you are in a meeting or during a group discussion.

Registration is required and by default receives 40 MB storage on the cloud servers of Evernote which is enough for a casual user while heavy users can always purchase more storage by opting for Evernote Premium. The chief advantage of having this application is the flexibility it offers to access your content on any platform &#151 mobile or web, and that too from anywhere.

Users can add tags to their notes in the form of text, images or in audio format. If you wish to search for something be ready to be surprised as it searches for text even in images. With regular and timely sync, it keeps your data updated and stored securely in the clouds. There are multiple uses to make best of the Evernote App such as saving up the web articles or links you wish to check out later instead of clogging up your phone cache.

Evernote is available for free from App Store for iOS 3.0 or higher running iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Even though Apple has given a great native calendar App, there is a lot more that one can do with other calendar apps like Calvetica.

Its name is derived from the Helvetica font family and uses the same font throughout the app. At times you need to schedule your tasks according to dates but you can’t keep doing with two apps. Calvetica is one app that offers zippy calendar and tasks in one single place. There’s a neat split-view that shows months and days in the same pane. It also integrates with the native Calendar app on the iOS devices.

Scrolling through the several events can be painful at time and especially when you have too much of data added already on the native calendar app. Calvetica is fast and reduces the several taps required to add and access the events on particular dates. It is the fastest calendar and tasks app we have come across so far.

Calvetica is available for $2.99 from Apple App Store for iOS 4.0 or higher running iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

QuickOffice Pro

Accessing multiple documents and editing them on the move is quite a challenge especially when one has to deal with cross-platform documents. QuickOffice Pro is multi-platform app that allows opening, editing and creating documents, spreadsheets and also presentations that are compatible with the Microsoft Office suite. QuickOffice Pro features the SmartTouch technology that allows faster and quicker editing with the edit Toolbox.

QuickOffice Pro is already available for Symbian and Android platforms. With the iOS support, multiple device owners can have seamless sharing by backing up the files to third party cloud storage providers.

QuickOffice Pro is available for $14.99 from the Apple App store (hyperlink: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/quickoffice-pro/id310723177?mt=8 ) for iOS 4.0 or higher running iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Business Card Reader

This simple to use and handy app is a must have for those who meet loads of people and travel a lot. A unique feature of this app is its support for number of popular languages. As the name suggests, Business Card Reader is meant to scan the business cards and store the details on the phone itself. The app has been developed for accurate recognition of the text on the Business Cards.

However, this is not some miraculous app so one needs to ensure that certain things are in place before scanning a business card. For instance, you need good lighting for the phone’s camera to capture the image of the business card properly. The Business Card Reader offers an on-screen viewfinder edge and users are supposed to frame the card to fit within the edges.

Once the image is captured, the smart filling features neatly places out the details in respective boxes and makes it editable. Once done editing, you can simply tap on Save to add the contacts to the address books.

Business Card Reader has LinkedIn support so one can search and add contacts from there itself. The Business Card Holder allows organising and searching contacts.

Business Card Scanner is available for $4.99 from Apple App Store.

Dragon Dictation

Not everyone would be comfortable typing speeches on the iPhone, iPod Touch or for that matter iPad for long. At times one may feel that it would be great simply to speak and store that as notes. Nuance developed Dragon Dictation app comes with a speech to text engine which allows users to speak anything and save it down as text on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. There is one limitation that this app requires network connectivity (WiFi or 3G) to function efficiently and accurately.

Users can also speak and share the text as status updates directly to social networks – Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively one can share the text via email or text message as well. This app shows great potential in terms of accurate recognition of speech and then transforming it into a text. However, it fails at time for people with different accent and is a bit slow.

With Siri – the intelligent assistant voice control app, coming into picture, this app will be quite useful on the devices that lack iOS 5 support.

The Dragon Dictation app is available for free from App Store for iOS 4.0 running iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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