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Top 10 features of Touch Bar features on MacBook Pro 2016

Along with Touch Bar, Apple also introduced its famous Touch ID which can now be used for logging into your MacBook and even make payments via Apple Pay.

Apple has unveiled its new MacBook Pro with a new Touch Bar just above the keyboard. Along with the Touch Bar, Apple has also included the famous Touch ID in new MacBook Pro lineup. Though it was rumoured that the OLED Touch Bar will be performing the task of function keys and other controls, it seems like the new Touch Bar is capable of a lot more.

Basic Controls

When not in any specific apps, the OLED Touch Bar becomes your traditional combination of Function keys and controls such as brightness, playback, volume control and it even adds the missing ‘Escape’ key on the left. On top of this, you can even customise what to show on the OLED bar when not in any app which in our opinion is a step ahead of what we thought.

MacBook Pro 2016


When in Photos app, the Touch Bar becomes your navigation bar through which you can easily browse through different photos as well as videos by just a swipe. While on this menu, it also displays controls like volume control and an option to add an image or video to your favourites. Not only this, if you want to edit an image through the photos app, it changes to a go to the editor as well. So you get a little preview of filters or a full swipe interface to align your image.

Final Cut Pro

If you are into a lot of editing and you use Final Cut Pro on your MacBook Pro you are in for a treat. When inside Final Cut Pro, the OLED Touch Bar displays your timeline and you get to move it just with your finger’s swipe. Also, there is a volume control and brightness control shortcut as well.

MacBook Pro 2016


When navigating through the built-in email app, the Touch Bar shows predictions and there is also a little icon to pop up emojis and selecting them instantly enters on to the email body. Apart from this, there is also a little shortcut for sending the email and the usual brightness and volume controls are there as well.


The Touch Bar even serves a purpose in the Safar app. Apart from displaying predictions when typing in the search bar, the Touch Bar also displays a little preview for different tabs opened and one can even skip through the tabs by just tapping on to them. It can also suggest the most visited websites when you open the Safari app.

MacBook Pro 2016


For those who are not aware, Keynote is Apple’s own presentation which was originally designed for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad but is now also available on the MacOS. While inside the app, the Touch Bar lets you edit text and adjust the colour of it and you even move it through thumbnails in full screen.


Well, you must be wondering how the new Touch Bar can be used for Facetime. Looks like Apple was intelligent enough and you can take and end calls from the Touch Bar itself. So when someone calls you over Facetime the OLED Touch Bar shows up with an option of either to take the call or end it.


In most of the cases, the Touch bar displays a dedicated button for Siri so now the famous voice assistant is available on MacBook Pro and it’s just a tap away.


Apple claimed that with the help of Touch Bar, users would able to navigate on Apple Maps more easily with given useful shortcuts.

Third-Party Apps

Apple has claimed that company’s like Microsoft and Adobe are already working on the Touch Bar compatibility for their apps. So expect a bunch of editing controls for the Adobe Photoshop and for Microsoft Office, the Touch Bar can include some interesting new features or maybe replace the whole navigation bar, who knows. Anyhow, the timeline on both these apps has not been revealed and don’t expect Apple to just limit with these two apps only. Apps like DJ Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Sketch, Pixelmator all are in line for future implementations.

Along with Touch Bar, Apple also introduced its famous Touch ID which can now be used for logging into your MacBook and even make payments via Apple Pay.

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