Thomson offers huge discounts on Tvs and washing machines

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : October 12, 2020 3:48 pm

Thomson is bringing a range of offers on its Washing Machines and Android TVs where the prices start at as low as Rs 5,999. The offer will run from 16th October till 21st October as a part of BBD sale on Flipkart.

Europe’s consumer electronic brand Thomson TV is bringing a new 'Big Save on Bigger TV' offer on Flipkart with BBD sale starting from 16th October till 21st October. 


On its TV range, Thomson will be extending a 10 percent instant discount offer to all SBI cardholders. The prices for the Android TVs by Thomson will start at Rs 10,999 and the Washing Machines will start from Rs 6,499 for 6.5kg model. These discounts will be available during all 6-days of the festive season sale. 



Here is a detailed list of the TVs alongside their discounted prices: 


Thomson TVs


Thomson TV: PATH Series 


The PATH series offers you a smart experience as the TVs are powered by Android 9.0. The TVs are powered by a quad-core processor and have Bluetooth, HDMI and USB connectivity options. These TVs have powerful speakers and come with smart remote with a dedicated button for Google Assistant, YouTube, Prime Video and SonyLIV. 


Model Name    Price 


32PATH0011 - Rs 10,999 

32PATH0011BL - Rs 11,499 

40PATH7777 - Rs 15,999

43PATH0009 - Rs18,999 

43PATH4545 - Rs 22,499 

50PATH1010 - Rs 24,499 

55PATH5050 - Rs 28,999 


Thomson TV:  OATHPRO Series


These TVs also run on Android. All the TVs have Ultra-HD resolution (3840x2160-pixel) screens, along with support for HDR up to the Dolby Vision format. The TVs have Google Play store as they run on Android, to download and install apps and games on the TV. Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video come pre-installed on the TV, with hotkeys on the remote for quick access to the streaming services. 


Model Name               Price


43 OATHPRO 2000 - Rs 22,499 

50 OATHPRO 1212 - Rs 27,499

55 OATHPRO 0101 - Rs 30,999

65 OATHPRO 2020 - Rs 45,999

75 OATHPRO 2121 - Rs 94499


Thomson TV: R9 Series


The R9 series consists of budget-focused TVs that offer a high-definition experience with their HD-ready displays. 


Model Name   Price 


24 HD Basic - Rs 5,999

32 HD Basic - Rs 8,499 


Here is the list of the Washing Machines along with their discounted prices:


Q10 Ultra washing machine


Thomson Washing Machine: SA9 Series


SA96500 - Rs 6,499

SA97500 - Rs 7,999

SA98500 - Rs 8,999


Thomson Washing Machine: 9G PRO Series


TTL6500 - Rs 11,499

TTL7500 - Rs 12,999


Thomson Washing Machine:  Q10 Ultra Series


TFL1050 - Rs 22,999

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