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This app will upgrade your wait-listed Train ticket to a Flight ticket: Check how

Trainman has begin a new scheme where if not confirmed, it will upgrade your wait-listed train ticket to flight ticket for free.


  • Trainman can upgrade your wait-listed train ticket to a flight one
  • Trainman will perform the upgrade free of cost

Trainman, a train ticket booking app provider, has come up with a new product offering called Trip Assurance. It ensures that a waitlisted passenger gets a guaranteed way to do his trip by checking the percentage score indicated on a given prediction meter while booking a ticket on the Trainman app. If the passenger is unavailable to get a train ticket, Trainman will upgrade their ticket to a flight ticket for free.

How does it work?

If the prediction meter inside the indicates 90% or above for the possibility of train ticket confirmation, then the Trip Assurance fees of Re 1 would be charged and if below 90 percent, then there is a nominal fee charged depending on the class of the ticket. This trip assurance fee would be refunded back to the account if the train ticket gets confirmed at the time of chart preparation.

However, if it doesn’t get confirmed, then Trainman will upgrade the passenger’s train ticket to a flight ticket at no extra cost.

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Trip Assurance’ requires a nominal fee starting from just Re 1 and is currently available for ticket booking on all Rajdhani trains totalling around 130 trains. “If you’re waitlisted ticket remains waitlisted at the time of chart preparation, Trainman will provide you with a confirmed flight ticket for the same journey”, said Trainman.

FAQ Trainman app

Would all the waitlist tickets be upgraded to flight tickets?

No. Only tickets with 65% or more confirmation probability are eligible for flight tickets.

What is the fee for getting flight tickets for the waitlisted tickets?

If your rail ticket doesn’t get confirmed and the confirmation probability meter was showing a score of 90% or above, charges will be Re1. In case the confirmation score is below that, then depending on distance, class of ticket booked, and a few more parameters maximum amount that will be charged will be 25% of the rail ticket cost. e.g. if the cost of a rail ticket is Rs 1000, then to get an air ticket maximum fee would be Rs 250.

Will I get an air ticket if my confirmation score is 60% for a rail ticket?

No. Only tickets with a 65% or above confirmation probability score can avail of air ticket offer.

Is this option available for all rail tickets?

No, it is available only for Rajdhani trains.

Will you get a flight ticket for the same day?

You might get a flight for the same day or the next day, but the important thing is that you will get a flight ticket before the train on which you had blood the ticket reaches its destination.

If I don’t get the flight ticket, Will the fee be refunded?

If you don’t get the flight ticket, the extra fee would be refunded, but it will be transferred to your wallet on the Trainman app, which you use for another booking. So, in short, you can use the refunded money only for booking future tickets on the app.

Is this feature available on App?

Yes, it is available.

Is it available on the app?

No, it isn’t available. It is expected to be made available in one month.

Is it available on the website?

No, it is not available on the website. It is expected to be made available within a month.

Will the amount I paid for the rail ticket be refunded if I opt for a flight ticket?

No, it will be used to book the flight ticket.

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