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Tata Docomo to start NFC trial

NFC (near field communication) will allow Tata Docomo users to purchase applications, wallpapers and games, as well as recharges, by merely selecting an option displayed on a touchscreen.

NFC or near field communication has been a much talked about technology for its ability to transform the way we conduct transactions and identification.

Most of us working in the corporate world are familiar with this technology thanks to our access cards, which unlock security doors when swiped against a reader.

Now, Tata Docomo has signed an agreement with Megasoft’s subsidiary XIUS to test trial XIUS’ Mobile Touch Transaction (MTT) solutions in Hyderabad. The technology will enable subscribers to recharge their phones, pay bills and download VAS products such as ringtones, games and wallpapers.

The MTT solution enables self-service kiosks through Active Posters, which are touchscreens that display products. They are NFC enabled so that they can identify the mobile phone being used.

The solution ensures delivery of purchased products as well as receipt of payment for them. It is an end-to-end purchase, delivery, and payment solution — all in one.

The network-independent Mobile Touch Transaction solution uses a mesh of multiple touch points such as RFID Sticki, contactless-SIM, touchpads, in-car services and Active Posters.

RFID Sticki (radio frequency identification), are small stickers with built in RFID, which can be put inside the phone’s back panel and will contain its identification number. This information it will transfer to the active poster when a user walks by.

Active Posters or APs are a type of printed electronic technology. They act as virtual malls, enabling as many as 18 retail options that users can access and purchase by touch commands.

This solution, apart from reducing the need of manpower deployment at the retail end, also acts as a place to advertise services. Further, it addresses the fear of some individuals, especially women, who do not want to disclose their mobile number while purchasing recharge vouchers. The transaction is made secure by PIN authentication.

XIUS officials said that they hope to get big contracts in India. The company also said that the technology can be extended to include credit cards, which can be installed into the cell phone itself, reducing the need for people to carry any other form of money.

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