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SwiftKey X Android keyboard arrives for phones and tablets

Featuring the TouchType's advanced Fluency language reference engine, the SwiftKey X keyboard promises most accurate word prediction and flexibility to adapt with one's typing style.

The predictive text on-screen keyboard SwiftKey X has passed the beta testing phase and now formally launched for smartphones as well as tablets.

SwiftKey X is a new smart predictive engine loaded on-screen keyboard that adapts to the user’s typing behaviour and offers fast word suggestions. As part of the launch offer, the SwiftKeyX is available at a price of $1.99 (Rs 87.82) for Android smartphones and tablets.
It is yet another text input aiding piece of software that many folks prefer who are involved in heavy texting or typing on mobile phone or tablet.

SwiftKey X Keyboard is touted to carry some Social Artificial Intelligence which watches and learns closely from whatever you type. Based on that, it throws up word suggestions which are very close to accurate. At the time of installation, it asks for your permission to access your SMS, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter messages to understand your style of typing.

The SwiftKey X is based on the TouchType’s advanced Fluency language reference engine that predicts the words more accurately and correctly. Also one can personalise the keyboard anytime since those personalisation options are stored on the cloud servers. Besides, you can also choose between three themes for the keyboard &#151 dark, light and neon.

With support for about 22 languages, the also offers option to choose a typing style to suit users’ needs. For instance, if you totally want to rely on the SwiftKey app then you can opt for a prediction driven style.

The SwiftKey X is yet another text input method driven by accurate word predictions and completions. It is practically different from the SWYPE but similar to what Nuance’s T9 Trace does for the select Samsung devices.

SwiftKey X is meant for Android devices running Android 2.1 or higher and can be downloaded from Android Market from your smartphone or tablet.

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