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Sutro: The AI app creation service that lets you build Android, iOS apps from scratch in minutes

Sutro is a new AI app creation service that can develop apps in a matter of minutes with no coding experience required.

A new AI-powered startup called Sutro has introduced its own service that allows anyone to create an or iOS with no coding requirements. The company is leveraging the power of AI to allow anyone with an idea to build a fully functional mobile or web app. Here’s what all the AI app creation service from Sutro can offer.

What is Sutro?

Sutro announced its AI app creation service via a blog post, and notes that while “no-code” platforms have been around for some time, they primarily function at a basic level and do require the user’s intervention for a fully functional app. “Even though coding wasn’t necessary, a solid technical understanding was essential to assemble and connect these components to create a functional service. This complexity not only demanded significant time and effort but also slowed the momentum of the no-code revolution”, read the blog post.

Sutro boldly claims that anyone of any skill level could build an app with just an idea. Not only that, but the service could instantly allow you to publish to Apple’s App Store, Google and/or the web. Sutro explains that you could just tell the AI, “I’d like to add a star-rating system”, or “I’d like to be able to message users”, and the service will add that particular feature to the app for you.

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The company also posted a tutorial video in which it created a Pinterest-inspired social network without the need for any coding in about 60 seconds. Sutro notes that its aim isn’t to replace Developers, PMs and Designers but to “cover the grunt work for entrepreneurs, to get from idea to a functioning product to, hopefully, product-market fit as quickly as possible”.

The company says that the abilities of Sutro will continue to grow, allowing for even more complex apps and services to be built instantly. It goes on to say that it has worked on some of the notable services such as OpenAI, Uber, Twitter, Meta, Stripe and more. Sutro was founded in late 2021 by Tomas Halgas, the man behind the group chat app called Sphere, which was sold to Twitter. So far, Sutro has had 715 makers who have built 934 apps via the service already.

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