Stable Google Chrome for M1 equipped Macs has been released

By: Abhishek Malhotra, The Mobile Indian , New Delhi Last updated : November 19, 2020 4:24 pm

Google has released the M1 optimized version of Google Chrome after it faced a hiccup with the initial release.

Google has restarted the rollout of Google Chrome for the M1 powered Macs after it hit some roadblocks yesterday and had to pause it. Google Chrome on the M1 powered Macs started crashing after the company released the new version a day after the launch of the M1 chip. 


Later on, Chrome engineer Mark Cheng tweeted, "We hit a bit of a snag with our rollout of the M1-native build of Chrome, so to keep our users in a good place, we paused that rollout and will pick it up again tomorrow. If you already have the M1 build, we have a workaround". 


Chrome for M1



Cheng recently said that the issues have been resolved and a stable version of Chrome optimized for the M1 chip is now available for download Chrome's download page. After you hit download, you will be provided with two options whether to download the version for Intel chip or the Apple chip. 


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The new build made for M1 chip should output better performance than the one made for Intel chips. As per Google, Chrome now prioritizes the active tabs vs. everything that’s open, which in turn reduces CPU usage by up to 5x and extends battery life by up to 1.25 hours.


Chrome now starts up to 25 percent faster, loads pages up to 7 percent faster, and does all of this using less power and RAM than before. 


Chrome's major competition on Macs is Safari which obviously has an advantage over Google's browser as it is made by Safari developers who are already in touch with the makers of Apple's M1 chip. And Apple has already made some serious claims regarding better performance and battery life on M1 powered Macs. 

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