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Sometimes you have to say NO: Rahul Sharma, Co-founder Micromax

Micromax has not a single big announcement related to its mobile business in last six months.

Micromax, flag bearer of Indian handset players, has been out of action for almost six months and to know the reason behind it The Mobile Indian caught with Rahul Sharma, Co-Founder Micromax.

TMI: Is everything fine with Micromax?

Rahul: Yes, everything is fine with Micromax. It is just that we took a step back and as a matter of fact sometimes you have to say No to give yourself time to do things in a better way. One has to forego short-term opportunities for long-term consolidation and growth.

TMI: So, what was the reason for taking a step back?

Rahul: There was not just one reason but a couple of them. Demonetization, which was, of course, a complete surprise, and adoption of 4G where we underestimated the speed of rollout and adoption. To explain, demonetization had impacted the cash flow for trade channels and our distributors were quite apprehensive about taking a risk as nothing was clear as to when the market will normalise. We were ready to launch a couple of smartphones in October, one of them was our flagship device, but had to call it off till the volatility in the market subsided.

TMI: And adoption of 4G…..

Rahul: In our wildest dreams we had not thought that 4G adoption in India will leapfrog in a matter of just a few months. If created some issues for us as we were stuck with 3G devices in our inventory. We needed some time beef up our 4G portfolio that resonates with our philosophy.

TMI: Has the market normalised now?

Rahul: To a larger extent, yes and that is the reason why we will launching a couple of smartphones this month followed by another 6-8 device through the rest of the year

TMI: So now we have to ask the obvious question.

Rahul: I know. Abhi sab batadege to launch ke time pe kya bolege ( if I reveal everything now, what will I share at the time of launch). But, What I can share right now is that the new line of devices we plan to introduce will have a dual camera setup and security will be given paramount importance.

TMI: That’s it?

Rahul: Okay since you insist, expect the new devices to have the best of hardware in its price range with a really strong value proposition for our customers.

TMI: We will not probe you further on the expected launchbut what about the Yu smartphone line? Have you given up on it?

Rahul: Yu is pretty much alive and kicking. Yes, we have not made any announcement related to it for a long time for the same reason we didn’t launch any Micromax smartphone. We want to assure you we are getting ready to launch Yu smartphones quite soon and if everything goes well you will hear something from us in April.


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