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Snapchat To Watermark AI-Generated Photos: All Details

Snapchat has announced that it will soon watermark AI-generated content for better AI transparency with the users.

In a move to enhance transparency and prevent the misuse of content, Snapchat has announced the introduction of watermark on AI-generated images within its platform. This new feature aims to provide clear identification of AI-generated content, allowing users to distinguish between authentic and computer-generated imagery.

The watermark will feature a translucent Snapchat ghost logo, accompanied by a sparkle emoji, symbolizing the AI-generated nature of the image. It will be automatically applied to any AI-generated image that is exported from the or saved to the camera roll. Snapchat has emphasized that any attempt to remove these watermarks will be considered a violation of its terms of use.

Snapchat ai watermark

It hasn’t been made clear as to how Snapchat would detect if the watermark has been removed. Snapchat is also using other methods to notify users of AI-generated content. It uses contextual icons, symbols, and labels in-app to provide contextual transparency to Snapchatters when they’re interacting with a feature that is powered by AI technology.

For example, when a Snapchatter shares an AI-generated Dreams image, the recipient sees a context card with more information. Other features, like the extend tool which leverages AI to make a Snap appear more zoomed out, are demarcated as an AI feature with a sparkle icon for the Snapchatter creating the Snap.

Following controversies around AI-generated content, Snapchat has taken measures to improve AI safety and moderation. Snapchat’s decision aligns with a broader industry trend where tech giants like Microsoft, Meta, and Google have taken steps to label AI-generated content.

AI is being added to various other apps off late, such as in WhatsApp where Meta AI is now available to select users. Once you tap on the newly introduced search bar inside WhatsApp or when you open the Meta AI chat, you will be shown various prompts to initiate a conversation with the chatbot. Users can also ask the AI about various information, such as the current weather conditions at their location and more.

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