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Snapchat collaborates with Shazam to listen and identify songs for you

Apart from the above feature, the app has also introduced group chat up to 16 people and editing tools for stories shared in memories.

In the latest update available, Snapchat has introduced three new features to its app. Downloading the latest update one can now Snap and Chat with up to 16 people in a group, edit stories saved in your memories with paintbrush and scissors tool and the most interesting one, now you can Shazam music straight from the app.
Starting with the group chat feature, one can now send Snaps or messages to up to 16 contacts in a group. The messages sent on the group will disappear in 24 hours. Further, the names of your contacts sit at the bottom of the chat window and one can also start a private one-to-one chat by just tapping on the name. Moreover, you can do everything in a group which you could do in the personal chat previously. Another feature which was added in the latest update was the ability to edit stories after you have saved it to your memories.

Lastly, Snapchat can now identify songs with the help of collaboration with famous music identification service Shazam. To do so, just press the camera screen on the app for Snapchat to listen and identify the song. Once done listening, the app will display the name of the song. You can either tap ‘Song info’ or ‘Dismiss’. Tapping Song Info reveals a new window which lets you play the song, access lyrics and even play the video. Further, you also get a list of recommended songs and the songs shazamed by you are listed in Settings > Shazam.

Commenting on the new collaboration, Rich Riley, CEO Shazam said – “We are excited to launch our partnership with Snapchat. We’ve integrated Shazam into Snapchat in a way that makes discovering and sharing music both fun and easier than ever.”

We tested out this feature with a bunch of songs and we found it extremely useful. Instead of downloading a separate app, one can now simply get to know the name of the song straight from Snapchat. Further, additions like ability to listen to the song, access to lyrics, official video and recommended songs acts like an icing on the cake.

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