Site2SMS offering 40 minutes free calling every day

By: Rahul Gupta, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:40 pm

Customers can all any mobile number across the country, for up to 20 calls per day.
Web based free SMS provider, Site2SMS has announced free calling service for its users in India. Under this new service users can make up to 20 calls per day to mobile phone users across the country for free. These 20 calls can be of a maximum of up to 2 minutes each, after which the call will be automatically disconnected. But users are free to use the service as every day they will get up to 20 calls of 2 minutes each.
Site2SMS offering 40 minutes free calling every day
To use these service new users will have to register with Site2SMS before they can start using the service. All they need is a registered mobile number in their name that is what the service will be utilizing to make calls. To make calls all they need to do is enter the number and following that they will gate a call from Site2SMS on their registered mobile number, following that the server will connect the same call to the desired mobile number to which the user wished to talk to. Same can be carried on to 20 calls per day.

But in any case a single call cannot exceed 2 minutes, at the end of which the call will be automatically disconnected, but users can again generate a call request in the similar fashion and can call the same number again as well.

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